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Spell check of narrow

Correct spelling: narrow

nip and tuck, intend, speciate, concentrate, intolerant, nail, take, snug, tenuous, puny, brief, dangerous, sectarian, petty, specialize, particularize, sign up, circumscribed, finalize, lean, limit, few, conservative, low, close-minded, shockable, careful, strait, provincial, specialise, settle, confined, shrink, narrow-minded, close, bigoted, particularise, narrowed, short, opinionated, meager, undertake, marginal, diminutive, dogmatic, thin, press, down-to-the-wire, broad, endangered, pin up, limited, small-minded, condense, destine, unsafe, delimit, closed-minded, succinct, trap, ultrathin, restricted, skinny, picayune, spindling, defined, small, constrictive, tapered, slender, parochial, lanky, self-opinionated, constringe, scant, narrowing, contract, stipulate, get, sign, fine, little, peg down, finalise, opinionative, dogmatical, tapering, specify, qualify, determinate, ill-advised, straplike, determine, tight, needlelike, set apart, bare, cut, narrow down, local, constrict, fix, shorten, definite, foreshorten, set, squeeze, minute, delineate, peg, concise, neck and neck, designate, nail down, scrawny, near, sign on, illiberal, precarious, wide, paper-thin, imprudent, scanty, conventional, abridge, confining, willowy, prejudiced, abbreviate, compact, slenderize, slim-jim, insular, irrational, infinitesimal, differentiate, pin down, hairline, finite, condition, spare, compress, skeletal, constricting, define, shrunken, slim, delimitate, measured, tighten, hairbreadth, delicate, Lilliputian, assign, linear, paltry, cramped, small-town, reduce, bounded, crowded.

bird's-eye, grandiose, large, extreme, general, sweeping, indeterminate, stumpy, branch out, plenitudinous, thickset, bottomless, beamy, innumerable, freethinking, dimensionless, extensive, expanded, broad-minded, deep, major, hulking, largish, vast, impartial, global, broad, cosmopolitan, king-size, limitless, unbiased, careless, broaden, nebulous, chunky, broad-brimmed, whacking, oversize, incalculable, illimitable, unqualified, open, fanlike, measureless, goodly, big, comfortable, tolerant, super, widish, endless, plentiful, nonpartisan, infinite, liberal, unlimited, unbounded, escalated, comprehensive, progressive, substantial, wide-screen, voluminous, ample, great, jumbo, handsome, vague, wide, unprejudiced, inexhaustible, catholic, expansive, bumper, immeasurable, open-minded, indefinite, thickish, stocky, universal, panoramic, inestimable, radical, respectable, unfathomable, unmeasured, bulky, sizable, epic, fat, hefty, copious, undefined, thick, massive, boundless, widen, squat, whole, receptive, considerable, diversify, countless, enlarged, unreserved, inclusive, objective.

Examples of usage:

1) But its horizon is very narrow. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Down the yard they flew, and Julia put him at the fence, for there was no time to be lost with the narrow gate. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) After all, I had a narrow escape of it. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.