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Spell check of muzzy

Correct spelling: muzzy

dazed, bleary-eyed, wooly-haired, fuzzed, raddled, fogged, silly, blear, slaphappy, blurred, spaced-out, brumous, baffled, clouded, blear-eyed, hazy, confused, punch-drunk, muddleheaded, misty, bewildered, shell-shocked, addle, lost, bemused, woolly-headed, indistinct, wooly-minded, spacey, woolly, confounded, logy, distracted, bushed, fuzzy, flocculent, zonked, mixed-up, dopey, befuddled, addlepated, addled, zonked-out, blurry, bleary, muddled, stuporous, mazed, stupefied, foggy, indefinite, pixilated, inexplicit, stunned, wooly, befogged, bedeviled, lanate, punchy, woolly-haired, at sea, unclear, groggy.

definite, explicit, straightforward, direct, blatant, specific, foursquare, intelligible, open, clearheaded, comprehensible, patent, frank, outspoken, alert, openhearted, forthright, defined, clear, unguarded, plain, fathomable, candid, unambiguous, plainspoken, well-defined, distinct, unconfused, unmistakable, conscious, clear-thinking, unequivocal, obvious, honest, straight, understandable.

Examples of usage:

1) The prospect had been oppressing my muzzy faculties all day. - "The Hole in the Wall", Arthur Morrison.

2) I don't feel inclined to write any more at present for I feel rather muzzy- you must be content with this fac simile of the rough plan of Aunt Dinah's Counterpane. - "Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends", John Keats.

3) The word " enthusiasm," in the south, is changed to " entuzzy- muzzy." - "Diary in America, Series One", Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat).