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Spell check of muller

Correct spelling: muller

Johann Muller, Paul Hermann Muller, karl alex muller, hermann joseph muller, muser, stamp, Max Muller, friedrich max muller, pounder, ruminator, ponderer, pestle, johannes peter muller, Regiomontanus.

Examples of usage:

1) " From that time on," says the Spanish Lieutenant Muller, who was in the port from the first, as second in command of the naval forces of the province, " the hostile ships, which were afterwards increased in number, established day and night a constant watch, without withdrawing at nightfall, as they used to do." - "Lessons of the war with Spain and other articles", Alfred T. Mahan.

2) " Well," said Muller, to the red- headed lad, " where do you come from?" - "Fantômas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.

3) Through the telephone, Muller was just ordering the hall porter to send for the police, when the second- floor servant rushed up and caught him by the arm, dragging him away from the instrument. - "Fantômas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.