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Spell check of monotonous

Correct spelling: monotonous

accustomed, mind-numbing, straight, multiple, traditional, compressed, flavorless, old, average, collaborative, vapid, periodic, unmelodic, familiar, epochal, un-intermittent, stuffy, common, ordinary, consistent, dead, leaden, unchangeable, rhythmic, conventional, dreary, general, various, ceremonial, dusty, unending, customary, steady, everlasting, tiring, weariful, grating, prevailing, dry, disembodied, heavy, metronomic, croaky, constant, ponderous, featureless, unmusical, matted, single, brittle, tiresome, indefatigable, persistent, sequential, stale, monotone, mundane, unbroken, consecutive, monotonic, unmelodious, assistant, boring, associate, insipid, appealing, predominating, two-dimensional, depressing, stock, jejune, universal, continual, orthodox, savorless, casual, repetitive, flat, level, coherent, cooperative, prostrate, matte, antisocial, mat, ho-hum, jading, varying, unremitting, tame, drudging, bland, habitual, matt, endless, perpetual, unvarying, adenoidal, homogeneous, humdrum, prosaic, interminable, invariable, usual, incessant, monolithic, irksome, categoric, arid, frequent, drear, breathy, uniform, cyclical, undeviating, regular, stodgy, recurrent, pedestrian, unglamourous, gapless, everyday, ceaseless, connected, standard, repeated, normal, unchanged, categorical, canonical, unchanging, unceasing, collegiate, even, perennial, undying, chronic, monochromatic, adjunct, dull, nonstop, savourless, drab, robot-like, excite, weary, flavourless, seamless, unglamorous, commonplace, continuing, plane, colorless, wearying, clerical, continuous, uninteresting, numbing, wearisome, slow, fruity, unconditional, tedious, routine, lasting.

charming, spectacular, eye-opening, involving, beguiling, intriguing, galvanizing, tantalizing, enlivening, fascinating, absorbing, astonishing, enthralling, provocative, lively, exciting, marvelous, attracting, amusing, wonderful, poignant, bewitching, animating, attractive, electrifying, fabulous, modulated, energizing, stirring, engaging, moving, diverting, spellbinding, alluring, stimulating, entertaining, rousing, amazing, arresting, rip-roaring, hair-raising, surprising, captivating, entrancing, riveting, awesome, breathtaking, sensational, engrossing, exhilarating, interesting, invigorating, gripping, mesmerizing, astounding, thrilling, touching, inspiring, wondrous, suspenseful, enchanting.

Examples of usage:

1) One or two of the smaller cuts, mostly the head of a martyr praying amid the flames, are used several times; of the larger cuts only a very few are repeated, and, considering the monotonous subject of the book, it is obvious that some trouble must have been taken to secure variety in the illustrations. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) It would be a long, and monotonous narrative. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) It was monotonous, this trying to carry on a conversation with an unconscious man. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.