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Spell check of miserable

Correct spelling: miserable

plutonian, trashy, burning, afflicted, base, deserted, common, calamitous, temperamental, insufferable, wistful, stinging, homesick, troublesome, low-down, unpropitious, depressed, cheesy, mean, dog-eared, small, irascible, down-at-the-heels, execrable, grungy, humble, ratty, saturnine, teed off, murky, disastrous, discontented, low-grade, dark, fractious, tatty, adverse, meager, pessimistic, unpleasant, disquieted, horrendous, melancholic, gimcrack, cramping, drear, restless, inauspicious, down, funereal, ailing, reprehensible, agonizing, rotten, doleful, mangy, sickly, bum, lowly, bombed-out, sour, aggravating, uncomfortable, wrenching, depressive, abominable, throbbing, heartbreaking, morbid, biting, funky, sorrowful, pensive, oppressive, contemplative, distressing, chafing, fevered, Cimmerian, glum, dissatisfied, godforsaken, desolate, tight, desert, worthless, barren, seedy, touching, desperate, tenebrific, irritating, bare, helped, tumbledown, depressing, hot-tempered, suffering, bargain-basement, ticked off, joyless, trifling, crushing, pained, tragic, stark, heavyhearted, terrible, despondent, plaintive, schlock, negligible, down in the mouth, cheerless, lonesome, heartsick, woful, injured, catastrophic, unlucky, opposing, grievous, exasperated, low-rent, bad, scruffy, torturing, despairing, brokenhearted, crummy, cut-rate, elegiac, low, aching, cheapjack, non-satisfied, pathetic, shoddy, low-toned, depleted, beat-up, hopeless, criminal, dolorous, chill, bored, sorry, arduous, tacky, downhearted, condemnable, disgruntled, tear-jerking, sepulchral, sunless, irritable, tenebrous, solemn, offensive, heartbroken, sleazy, ridiculous, droopy, wounded, frustrated, anxious, meagre, acute, inflaming, gnawing, stabbing, sad, disagreeable, moth-eaten, neglected, dismal, wretch, piercing, scurvy, contemptible, blue, woebegone, painful, scrubby, low-spirited, discouraged, harrowing, heartrending, black, fed up, loser, hangdog, moody, somber, excruciating, slimy, vile, cruel, scummy, moving, overcome, measly, severe, unfriendly, disapproving, darkening, pitiable, unfortunate, cloudy, cold, withering, dire, woeful, melancholy, inconsolable, inferior, subdued, anguishing, run-down, detrimental, uneasy, dejected, coarse, el cheapo, smarting, unfavorable, mediocre, vicious, annoying, misfortunate, unhopeful, disconsolate, gray, sore, short-tempered, trumpery, dreary, unhappy, irreconcilable, discomposed, mournful, broken, displeased, heartsore, lamentable, second-rate, threadbare, rich, schlocky, crestfallen, gloomy, pitiful, grueling, tormenting, short, bleak, irritated, uninhabited, insufficient, silly, sullen, dilapidated, cross, difficult, hard, tatterdemalion, perilous, bad-tempered, dissident, untoward, cutting, deplorable, touchy, inhospitable, abandoned, damnable, cheap, underdog, strained, forgotten, ungratified, ugly, hurtful, distressed, bitter, irksome, meagerly, disheartened, saddened, hapless, humbled, antipathetic, detestable, underprivileged, dreich, anguished, burdensome, low-pitched, poor, comfortless, lugubrious, ill, forlorn, happy, unworthy, derisory, dumpy, modest, discontent, sensitive, abject, sick, good, lachrymose, heart-rending, wretched, rubbishy, morose, timeworn, troubled, piteous, grim, inadequate, scant, trying, malcontent, rueful, spiritless, crushed, despicable, lousy, junky, cast down, bothersome, odious, hurt, paltry, forsaken, upsetting, humiliated, lonely, besetting, dispirited, unbearable, downcast, distressful.

jubilant, jocular, encouraged, brand-new, cheery, redoubtable, ample, jovial, helpful, vital, spruce, mighty, comforting, happy-go-lucky, sunshiny, fortunate, rebuilt, jocund, lighthearted, laughing, good, peppy, excited, new, happy, excellent, dignified, blithe, jolly, praiseworthy, chipper, devil-may-care, frisky, gratified, ecstatic, friendly, blithesome, thrilled, energetic, heartened, kept-up, estimable, overjoyed, tasteful, exultant, creditable, sanguine, gleeful, unimpressive, insouciant, beaming, commendable, festive, lofty, animated, content, smiling, comfortable, sublime, lively, mirthful, jocose, straight, honest, enraptured, fine, respectable, perky, merry, springy, meritorious, bright, maintained, fresh, cordial, sprightful, rosy, euphoric, vivacious, uninspiring, rapturous, easygoing, commanding, buoyant, spiffy, joyous, superior, hopeful, handsome, boon, noticeable, sprightly, exhilarated, optimistic, presentable, august, reputable, comfy, laudable, satisfied, glad, exalted, notable, outstanding, upbeat, admirable, joyful, heartwarming, cheering, noteworthy, elated, gladsome, spirited, noble, mended, patched, glorious, carefree, gladdened, bouncing, blissful, honorable, rhapsodic, refined, first-class, polished, sunny, cared-for, great, grinning, reconstructed, delighted, decent, first-rate, lightsome, zippy, superb, exuberant, cheerful, buoyed, cavalier, top-notch, elegant, high-grade, perfect, careless, flawless, unconcerned, pleased, grand, smart, entranced, jaunty, worthy, beneficent, handcrafted, encouraging.

Examples of usage:

1) I ought to have been out in the world doing some work worth while- with my miserable, broken life- Boy! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Besides, I am as miserable there as here. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) But if I can feel that somewhere in this big, empty country just one person will always feel kindly toward me, and wish me well, and be sorry for we when I- when I'm miserable, and- She could not go on. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.