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Spell check of misapprehend

Correct spelling: misapprehend

confuse, misconstrue, be amiss, misconceive, blunder, misknow, mistake, misinterpret, misread, understand, misunderstand, misperceive, miss.

conceive, make out, grasp, catch, grok, seize, get, appreciate, savvy, see, take in, fathom, perceive, comprehend, understand, know, penetrate, apprehend.

Examples of usage:

1) Just bouncin' a low- down var mint ain't offense enough to be throwed out about, when you pay your bills-" " You quite misapprehend-" " Fired, eh? - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.

2) " Madame," he said, " it must be that you misapprehend." - "Simon Dale", Anthony Hope.

3) And yet- do not misapprehend me- I never thought of bewailing the maiden, or grieving over her early death. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.