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Spell check of minimize

Correct spelling: minimize

diminish, defame, burn in, calumniate, slander, trivialize, lower, poor-mouth, dis, shear, contract, deplete, kiss off, run down, compress, deprecate, concentrate, denigrate, fragment, downplay, abridge, asperse, decrease, shave, truncate, drain, reduce, shrink, deflate, eclipse, clip, belittle, play down, browse, attack, depreciate, write off, crop, bob, erode, cry down, call up, shorten, curtail, disparage, sully, cut back, halve, background, overshadow, taper, bad-mouth, author, burn, weed, nip, capture, compact, prune, trim, vilipend, decrement, derogate, talk down, detract from, minimise, trash-talk, decry, back up, discount, smear, trim down, put down, show, condense, archive, top-slice, detract, abbreviate, trash, lessen, dismiss, smirch, dwindle, downgrade, besmirch, block, discontinue, cull, understate, access, slight, shrivel, pare, lighten, pick at.

glorify, compliment, endorse, hyerbolise, favor, recommend, maximise, extol, laud, overdraw, amplify, acclaim, maximize, sanction, approve, magnify, overstate, exaggerate, praise, exalt, commend, hyperbolize, eulogize, applaud, countenance.

Examples of usage:

1) The defeat of Naseby, whose importance the Queen and her friends vainly endeavoured to minimize, was followed by the hardly less disastrous day of Philiphaugh, when Montrose was overwhelmed by an army of the Covenant. - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.

2) The legs should be tipped with rubber in order to minimize the noise. - "Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management", Ministry of Education.

3) Where one does not believe that he is a member of the universe, and a contributor to its ends, he does well to minimize the friction that arises from its accidental propinquity, and to kindle some little fire of enjoyment in his own lonely heart. - "The Approach to Philosophy", Ralph Barton Perry.