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Spell check of miniature

Correct spelling: miniature

outline, negligible, tiny, niggardly, image, cast, same, cartoon, atomic, figurine, weeny, graphic, rendered, scant, slight, microscopic, microminiature, facsimile, scrawny, drawing, rendering, meager, diminutive, impression, carving, trifling, paltry, dwarfish, short, ungenerous, representative, beggarly, imitation, aping, infinitesimal, minuscule, approximate, model, deficient, teeny-weeny, spare, delicate, snapshot, statue, portrayed, piddling, miserly, pocket, clarification, teensy-weensy, small, analogous, nugatory, minimal, bitty, little bitty, pastiche, wee, picture, modest, idol, illustration, smallish, stingy, plaything, photograph, little, metaphor, compact, duplication, bust, teensy, bantam, analogy, baby, bitsy, toy, scanty, elucidation, depiction, teeny, replica, slim, portrayal, minor, illustrative, likeness, metaphorical, picayune, minute, illumination, silhouette, puny, itty-bitty, copy, representation, illuminance, light, effigy, sparing, toy dog, petite, approximation.

good, enormous, outsize, gross, largish, great, majestic, cosmic, major, staggering, mammoth, extensive, bulky, giant, elephantine, towering, substantial, king-size, infinite, immense, considerable, lofty, astronomical, hulking, colossal, voluminous, tremendous, whopping, massive, vasty, gigantic, huge, goodly, formidable, titanic, grandiose, overgrown, imposing, grand, prodigious, big, planetary, oversize, stupendous, sizable, vast, monstrous, immeasurable, monster, super, hefty, jumbo, herculean, monolithic, whacking, cavernous, bumper, heroic, large, mountainous, boundless, monumental, handsome.

Examples of usage:

1) And close to it, as though another miniature in another oval frame, a sharp, clear- cut memory of Ada Rivers looking up at him with gray adoring eyes, the proud tremble of her passionate mouth, the curve of her white throat.... - "Command", William McFee.

2) Did you ever see such miniature ferocity! - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) At each place put a tiny funnel bouquet, a miniature of the central one or else some tiny tin toy. - "Entertaining Made Easy", Emily Rose Burt.