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Spell check of middling

Correct spelling: middling

just, geocentric, axial, mid, halfway, median, evenhandedly, sensibly, modal, normal, passably, conventional, core, sightly, run-of-the-mine, more or less, bonnie, equidistant, indifferent, common, run-of-the-mill, modest, reasonable, slightly, intermediate, so-so, fairly, dominant, honest, midsize, middle, reasonably, clean, passable, sanely, stock, usual, moderate, bonny, comely, customary, medial, fairish, ordinary, second-class, half, mediocre, pivotal, central, half-and-half, pretty, nuclear, standard, second-rate, stereotype, mezzo, average, midmost, mean, within reason, somewhat, fair, medium, moderately, commonplace, jolly, everyday, predominant, centralized, middle-of-the-road.

first-class, peerless, first-rate, unacceptable, choice, unmatched, unusual, A1, maximum, nifty, rare, stellar, capital, optimum, par excellence, sterling, idiosyncratic, strange, fine, insufficient, peculiar, great, wanting, number one, unreasonably, uncommon, tip-top, exquisite, distinguished, swell, distinctive, private, superb, unparalleled, supreme, unsurpassed, inadequate, extreme, lacking, unsatisfactory, classic, marvelous, splendid, unique, sensational, matchless, extraordinary, fantastic, terrific, prime, deficient, top-notch, superlative, exceptional, outstanding, special, top, fabulous, individual, optimal, superior, excellent, excessive, preeminent, immoderately, grand.

Examples of usage:

1) Fair to middling, sonny- fair to middling- but with a handful o' shot an' a light gun what can yer expect but to hit. - "Tales from the Veld", Ernest Glanville.

2) " A middling ways," was the only reply; and the woman turned round to go. - "The Drummer's Coat", J. W. Fortescue.

3) " Middling, boss," the worthy fellow answered: " just keeping up, you know. - "Fant├┤mas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.