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Spell check of mend

Correct spelling: mend

hoot, ready, bear upon, strengthen, haunt, come around, fix up, doctor up, revamp, resort, snap back, spell, do up, fixing, bridge-building, cleanse, shake, reanimate, touch, fight off, habitue, heal, overhaul, prepare, red cent, sterilize, survive, mending, limit, reform, locating, redeem, pay off, fixedness, speckle, spot, bear on, retouch, maculation, come to, nurse, sophisticate, aid, straighten, tinker's damn, concede, gear up, furbish up, stamping ground, altering, secure, fastening, set, reparation, recoup, patch up, doctor, maintain, correct, fastener, rehab, localization, renewal, concession, plot of ground, recover, amend, patch, sterilise, animate, regular, mess, holdfast, touch on, remediate, reinstate, location, better, shape up, situate, recuperating, behave, call off, gain, improve, bring around, get, repair, temporary hookup, determine, renovate, bandage, fix, sew, recovering, emend, amends, maintenance, hangout, localisation, secureness, convalesce, fastness, fixate, mitigate, knit, specify, do-it-yourself, cook, shucks, bushel, dapple, pertain, piece, define, meliorate, rehabilitate, cure, relate, desexualise, vivify, recompense, set up, respond, plot, fixity, reestablish, redress, impact, neutering, buckle, compromise, ameliorate, arbitrate, desex, quicken, fixation, pull round, make, eyepatch, running repair, refer, pickle, fasten, desexualize, conciliate, perk up, jam, health, rejuvenate, fixture, service, rectify, indemnify, advance, help, pull through, regenerate, atone, recreate, remedy, muddle, reconstruct, kettle of fish, affect, reconstitute, darn, unsex, fleck, purify, restitute, compensate, recuperate, posit, restore, improving, concern, rally, heel, revive, while, break up, recondition, refit, revivify, pay back, tinker's dam, come back, right.

ail, impair, decline, damage, enfeeble, backslide, deface, wreck, lame, depress, enervate, deteriorate, regress, mar, debilitate, injure, worsen, fail, tarnish, weaken, mangle, relapse, debase, misdiagnose, bust, lay up, vitiate, cripple, disable, maim, afflict, mutilate, aggravate, sink, wither, harm, languish, disfigure, sap, waste, sicken, degenerate, lacerate, spoil, corrupt, blemish, come down, flaw, vandalize, wound, wilt, ruin, fade, hurt, collapse, break.

Examples of usage:

1) We shrug our shoulders and pass by where matters are difficult to mend; we let the flood take its course rather than risk being carried away in attempting to stem it. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) It took all our spare time now to mend clothing. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) A boot was sacrificed to mend the canoe. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.