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Spell check of melancholy

Correct spelling: melancholy

despondency, sullenness, anxious, feelings, bleak, blues, plaintive, reflective, dourness, downheartedness, despairing, obstinacy, beetle-browed, anguish, low-spirited, fretful, overcome, crabby, sober, surly, dispirited, desperate, dreariness, dejection, heavyhearted, sorrowful, pensiveness, grimness, petulance, woefulness, forlorn, discouragement, ululation, pessimism, noncooperative, misery, downhearted, distress, mourning, obstinate, cross, gloom, dispiriting, sour, subdued, dolor, heartbroken, despondent, desperation, cogitative, dissociable, crabbiness, contemplative, desolate, dejected, glumness, heavy-heartedness, cast down, mournful, contrariness, funk, depressed, irascibility, petulant, doldrums, malevolence, disconsolate, cynicism, teary, meditative, glum, pathetic, sulkiness, somber, grouchy, meanness, depression, lachrymose, bleakness, sorry, crestfallen, blue, darkness, desolation, trouble, ungenial, ruminative, disheartened, brokenhearted, dolorousness, anxiety, sorrow, saddening, gloominess, sulky, dolorous, frowning, anguished, moping, long-faced, down in the mouth, wistful, sadness, unfriendliness, discouraged, cheerless, doleful, surliness, dysphoria, gloomy, dreary, despondence, uncooperative, moodiness, heartbreaking, droopy, down, dysphoric, dark, joyless, malevolent, hostile, grumpiness, irascible, fretfulness, wretched, contemplativeness, mean, dumps, spiritless, grouchiness, musing, bad, sourness, drear, ruminant, affliction, scowling, woebegone, sad, cynical, unsociable, sombre, remorse, cantankerousness, regret, hopeless, thoughtful, heartrending, saddened, dispiritedness, crossness, moody, glowering, unhappiness, joylessness, hangdog, heartsick, inconsolable, heartsore, unfortunate, pensive, dolefulness, forlornness, depressing, low, disheartenment, woeful, drab, tearful, mope, dull, black bile, melancholic, grumpy, dismal, hopelessness, downcast, plaintiveness, miserable, heartlessness, despair, unfriendly, tribulation, disappointment, mournfulness, lamentation, happy, moroseness, broody, morose, long-facedness, grief, heavy-hearted, sullen, hostility, ennui, tristful, spiritlessness, abandonment, grim, wo, pessimistic, cheerlessness, unhappy, wistfulness, dour, cantankerous, homesick, contrary.

enjoyable, flippant, sprightful, joyful, happy-go-lucky, animated, buoyant, cheering, devil-may-care, heartened, inspiring, frivolous, upbeat, spirited, unthinking, cavalier, flighty, jovial, gleeful, excited, pleasant, brainless, gladdened, enraptured, sprightly, peppy, blithesome, gladsome, easygoing, perky, beaming, harebrained, energetic, hopeful, unreflective, laughing, entranced, sunny, merry, cheery, mindless, uplifting, pleasurable, encouraged, boon, sanguine, optimistic, zippy, welcome, careless, cheerful, thrilled, goofy, springy, insouciant, joyous, delightful, satisfying, jocund, heartening, lively, ecstatic, carefree, stirring, unconcerned, euphoric, exhilarating, jocose, lightsome, exhilarated, light-headed, chipper, grinning, rosy, content, scatterbrained, pleasing, glad, exuberant, mirthful, elated, thoughtless, bouncing, vital, satisfied, overjoyed, jubilant, rhapsodic, gratified, pleased, smiling, delighted, happy, jocular, silly, heartwarming, agreeable, frisky, featherbrained, blissful, blithe, rapturous, buoyed, exultant, stimulating, vivacious, lighthearted, jaunty, jolly, thrilling.

Examples of usage:

1) " If you have read that letter, you certainly have not understood it," said he at last, in a voice full of melancholy meaning. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I was aroused from this melancholy train of thought by the return of the captain. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) I had slightly glanced at him and remarked no smile on his melancholy face. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.