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Spell check of Maneuvered

Correct spelling: Maneuvered

endeavored, initiated, volunteered, campaigned, assayed, undertook, did, ventured, drifted, performed, engaged, aimed, pursued, sailed, acted, committed, exploited, schemed, attempted, piloted, cruised, floated, contracted, navigated, proceeded, guided, done, undertaken, approached.

Examples of usage:

1) What would become of all her wonderfully maneuvered plans? - "The Voice in the Fog", Harold MacGrath.

2) When I remember how Britt maneuvered with me, I feel like running to him and twisting his head off his neck. - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.

3) Four of the light cruisers maneuvered swiftly below the battleship next to the Sirius, one below the other, and in the instant of their alignment the big ship broke free, while the others flashed away from that restricting, holding tractor, or whatever it was. - "Man of Many Minds", E. Everett Evans.