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Spell check of man

Correct spelling: man

houseboy, lad, mister, soul, administrator, fella, son, human beings, bloke, earthly concern, bombardier, the body politic, Big Man on Campus, citizenship, specimen, autocrat, objet d'art, yeoman, universe, egg, capture, community, person, enthusiast, firearm, helpmate, military man, scout, macrocosm, missus, populace, opus, birthright, old man, people, chief, layperson, existence, hermaphrodite, body, follower, society, sort, myself, businessman, fellow, bmp, ourself, masculinity, stiff, human, commonwealth, human being, force, serviceman, bit, enforcer, grown up, chap, himself, individual, flick, flatfoot, lady, united, darn, account executive, adult male, while, cosmos, patrolwoman, mortal, spouse, finest, heat, adventurer, checkmate, worldly concern, troops, gentleman, woman, small-arm, personage, joker, gambit, domestic service, soldiery, capitalist, bull, galoot, head, piece, joe, domain, heroine, family, all together, human race, agent, boy, valet, check, isle of man, homophile, gendered, customer, gentleman's gentleman, airman, foot soldier, citizenry, gender, fish, male, Homo sapiens, policewoman, creation, gambler, cannon fodder, businesswoman, military personnel, risk-taker, humanity, engage, officer, partner, master, aboriginal, part, brother, coax, hubby, character, cop, species, dude, fuzz, cobbler, creature, campus, eject, guy, amah, gendarme, swain, energize, coming of age, cat, hero, footman, globe, grand master, electrician, operative, mature, peeler, actuate, cabin boy, buck, humankind, glassblower, bishop, culture, police officer, cabinet-maker, carpenter, buddy, dropout, butler, duck, alumna, aficionado, themself, bro, hombre, chieftain, match, supporter, wight, boss, life, majority, employer, countryman, airwoman, composition, law, daredevil, Green Beret, control, sonny, activate, constabulary, folk, chappie, dictator, coed, life partner, art object, demagogue, humans, evangelist, adulthood, mate, girl, chessman, police force, themselves, blade, public, GI, slice, fanatic, bookbinder, humanness, androgynous, adult, gasman, farrier, crew, slob, missis, police, flash, countrywoman, badass, bobby, oneself, crank, gent, cooper, commando, bud, musical composition, paymaster, the opposite sex, chess, compatriot, devotee, husband, figurehead, citizen, thing, copper, mankind, patch, being, castle, constable, earth, consenting adult, peace officer, elder, bird, manhood, lover, patrolman, policeman, itself, gender identity disorder, engineer, ambassador, baby, beau, party, herself, bluecoat, packer, fresher, Sir, housemaid, chessboard, he, jack, hominid, handmaiden, flesh, businessperson, spell, fan, alum, buster, kidult, piece of music, auditor, alumnus, bod, valet de chambre, help, lion, face, forewoman, world, tough guy, unanimously, gender-specific, cookie, ourselves, grenadier, reality, baron, sport.

beast, civilian, beastie, animal, woman, critter, adult female, brute.

Examples of usage:

1) Then from out of the bushes crawled a man. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) What is it, man? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) He wished his man would come. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.