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Spell check of maintain

Correct spelling: maintain

argue, contend, care for, honour, restrain, surmise, observe, introduce, bind, discover, organize, repair, pronounce, husband, champion, carry, settle, mediate, moderate, hook up, assign, proclaim, shape, support, hold in, protract, keep abreast, harmonize, marshal, nurse, book, preserve, fix up, dial up, understand, keep open, keep, give, view as, offer, avow, prove, prepare, contain, screen, express, mention, program, throw, bottle up, abide by, set, stand by, secure, control, put forward, reason, hear from, promise, pay, take for, handle, frame, adduce, overhaul, mend, fight, concord, check, oppose, take note, suppose, justify, assume, form, suffer, level, propound, halt, watch, fund, prevent, provide for, harbour, regulate, spend, unsnarl, retain, swear, ratify, manage, pigeonhole, finance, conclude, have, accept, shield, score, safeguard, stay with, carry on, balance, accommodate, judge, trust, find, deem, fight down, devise, approve, fight back, direct, obtain, establish, continue, sustain, substantiate, declare, insist, prolong, adjudge, economize, nurture, adjure, hold over, stabilize, jog along, heel, purport, plan, rate, flame, rationalize, lay away, renew, put away, plot, go on, avouch, corroborate, assert, chat, contact, sift, submit, conserve, respect, place, hold up, reserve, watch over, own, produce, oblige, normalize, hold on, suppress, take for granted, validate, heal, get, celebrate, assure, endorse, defy, cast, withstand, vindicate, fix, hold back, order, hold open, subordinate, bear on, wield, patch, browse, go along, defend, claim, orchestrate, uphold, set aside, defer, darn, save, say, affirm, plead, cache, neglect, nourish, confine, make, provide, rank, silence, admit, set apart, represent, keep on, apologize, classify, show, collate, attest, remark, right, bookmark, take, systematize, exert, abide, put up, assent, host, keep an eye on, methodize, master, chart, stay fresh, warrant, asseverate, obligate, schematize, report, economise, regularize, repress, group, prevail, lay aside, presume, set down, withhold, do up, unify, point to, stay, bear, put faith in, structure, sort, arrest, separate, fend for, entertain, compose, advance, pay out, adjust, deal with, download, testify, shelter, arrange, confirm, keep up, verify, waste, protect, detect, pledge, proceed, facebook, disburse, give faith, integrate, concur, believe, aver, extend, type, hinder, take hold, curb, design, schedule, keep back, categorize, stratify, set by, hold, protest, credit, exercise, swan, state, conceal, follow, honor, gather, profess, invest in, persevere, guard, acknowledge, cover, certify, cite, agree, notice, array, touch base, class, scheme, harbor, have got, grade, go for, note, allege, apply, standardize, correspond, persist.

destroy, ruin, disclaim, hurt, disown, damage, ignore, gainsay, abandon, disregard, abjure, reverse, controvert, wreck, contradict, disprove, recant, break, impair, refute, confute, negate, neglect, harm, disavow, injure, challenge, take back, dispute, withdraw, deny, repudiate, retract, negative, rebut, counter, switch, reject, question, forsake.

Examples of usage:

1) As I said, you will stay- at least, until you can satisfy me that you can maintain yourself and Miss Waynefleet in some degree of comfort if you go away. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) Indeed, I maintain that in such a discussion I am an absolute necessity. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) For that reason, I will maintain it. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.