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Spell check of magnetise

Correct spelling: magnetise

hex, charm, enamour, hypnotise, grip, mesmerize, transfix, glamour, jinx, bewitch, beguile, becharm, witch, spellbind, capture, trance, magnetize, entrance, mesmerise, fascinate, catch, hypnotize, enchant, captivate, enamor.

degauss, demagnetise, demagnetize.

Examples of usage:

1) Leech was already a good draughtsman on wood, having while resident with Orrin Smith the wood- engraver- he who had previously tried to magnetise the idea of a " London Charivari" into life- received many practical hints of the greatest artistic value. - "The History of "Punch"", M. H. Spielmann.

2) I was closely questioned, first, as to whether either of the family had not been ill, and secondly, whether I had not felt a secret desire to magnetise any one of them. - "Recollections of Europe", J. Fenimore Cooper.

3) He still goes to mass, and sends his children to the priest; but he goes more often to the quimboiseur and the " magnetise." - "Two Years in the French West Indies", Lafcadio Hearn.