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Spell check of lulling

Correct spelling: lulling

unalarming, subduing, alleviating, aiding, soothing, stilling, comforting, narcotic, helping, cooling, allaying, placating, hushing, smoothing, pacifying, quelling, dreamy, conciliating, relaxing, muting, ebbing, moderating, softening, sedating, quieting, composing, relieving, remedying, stabilizing, sedative, consoling, assuaging, easing, defusing, silencing, mollifying, shushing, tranquilizing, appeasing, quietening, reconciling, calming, curing.

frustrating, galling, nettlesome, bothersome, tiresome, irritating, exasperating, vexing, troublesome, annoying, stressful, grating, worrisome, invigorating, stimulating, harassing, irksome, unsettling, energizing, stimulant, vexatious, maddening, troubling, aggravating, trying, painful, disturbing.

Examples of usage:

1) As we wend our way among the thick vegetation and shadowy trees, the wood- pigeon's soothing, droning notes fall upon the ear like the melody of a human mother lulling her infant babe to sleep. - "The Pearl of India", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) Besides, now she was either getting used to it, or the storm was lulling, for the blinds did not rattle as they had, and that mournful soughing of the wind in the tall chimneys had nearly ceased. - "The Brass Bound Box", Evelyn Raymond.

3) There was no use in denying it, no use in lulling and coaxing her conscience any longer, it had been for one whole week in a new atmosphere; it had roused itself; it was not thoroughly awake as yet, but restless and nervous and on the alert- and would not be hushed back into its lethargic state. - "Ester Ried", Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden).