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Spell check of lower

Correct spelling: lower

abbreviate, unconsidered, decreased, dismount, junior, near, demoralize, under, stare down, raze, junior-grade, dismay, eroded, bottom, beneath, shave, meaningless, shortened, deplete, press down, depleted, weed, scorn, shrunk, subaltern, cut back, deflated, overhang, settle, unhorse, fall, plummet, turn away, hang over, compact, depreciate, inconsequential, slip, subordinate, disdain, nether, cumulonimbus, contract, pull down, bob, pare, delete, reduce, drop, plunge, submerge, concentrated, write down, column, lower-ranking, freeze off, minor, mark down, slide, cirrocumulus, start, diminished, less, shrivel, fix with, unimportant, curtailed, inspect, take in, bore into, subterranean, dwindle, minimize, bring down, cloudy, rase, stare, chthonic, contracted, ground, look around, glower, subnormal, degrade, cast down, humble, refuse, get down, cut, elide, concentrate, set down, irrelevant, impose, look, fall down, spurn, brew, undersell, abase, get, belittle, slump, underfoot, infernal, shorten, frown, examine, inflict, set about, low, meet, devalue, check on, discredit, below, recede, lower berth, light, discount, express, condense, dismantle, trim back, rock bottom, cirrus, pooh-pooh, abbreviated, abridged, let down, decrement, scowl, menace, gaze, shrink, inferior, trim, commence, disgrace, humiliate, topple, sink, diminish, abridge, sunken, overturn, prune, crop, lock, scale down, halve, lessened, low-level, disappoint, reject, cirrostratus, die down, compacted, lowly, billow, deepen, drain, glare, turn down, devaluate, tear down, underlying, secondary, chthonian, deflate, deject, abate, bank, de-escalate, overthrow, decremented, eye, visit, push down, dispirit, outstare, debase, demean, decrease, subtract, abated, shear, superficial, receded, down, attenuate, see, note, petty, slash, threaten, come down, lour, start out, begin, truncate, clip, cloud, erode, put down, deduct, impend, lessen, curtail, depress, underground, truncated, cut down, smaller, survey, trim down, level, cheapen, dishonor, mere, subside, dock, go down, underwater, underneath, tumble, decline, depressed, demote, subvert, get off, compress, leer, compressed, land, pass up, loom, take down, drained, descend, top-slice, cumulus, set out, demoralise.

exceptional, get up, first-rate, uplift, promote, raise, more, superordinate, higher, lift, overhead, major, uppermost, elevate, primary, dignify, first-class, prime, senior, overhanging, greater, aggrandize, exalt, bring up, advance, upper, highest, superior, choice, honor.

Examples of usage:

1) But," added she, in a lower tone, " were the choice given me, it is here I 'd take my stand." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) We shouldn't expect anything of the lower animals! - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) He looked at Wheeler, who sat near the lower end of the table, and he nodded. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.