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Spell check of lovely

Correct spelling: lovely

good-natured, nice, hype, belle, divine, fabulous, exquisite, elegant, quaint, good-looking, bumper, boffo, superior, prepossessing, corking, ravishing, brave, out-of-sight, lovesome, winsome, agreeable, gangbusters, hot, gone, mean, grand, engaging, cheerful, lovable, phat, supernal, finished, topping, bonny, harming, doll, first-string, hooray, well-favored, peachy, top-shelf, nice-looking, knockout, top-notch, sightly, eye-catching, quality, fantastic, beautiful, terrific, par excellence, tip-top, first-class, blue-ribbon, boss, keen, noble, flowerlike, gorgeous, wonderful, pulchritudinous, sensitive, number one, goodly, prime, five-star, graceful, attractive, groovy, ornamental, bewitching, brag, babe, A-OK, gilt-edged, generous, tempting, siren, dandy, top-of-the-line, bang-up, cover girl, like, sterling, warm-hearted, beguiling, polished, goddess, fascinating, primo, appealing, winning, classic, aesthetic, cool, unsurpassed, fetching, enchantress, top, drop-dead, charming, restful, good, excellent, sublime, A1, amiable, enchanting, likely, becoming, fab, swell, darn, pleasurable, superlative, stunner, jim-dandy, tender, endearing, immense, wizard, stunning, delightful, splendid, righteous, warm, superb, famous, picturesque, prize, pretty, glamorous, dynamite, gotcha, heavenly, blue-chip, adorable, great, marvelous, beauty queen, capital, benignant, numero uno, nifty, refined, comely, enticing, seemly, banner, aah, dazzling, awesome, fine, beauty, fantabulous, enjoyable, first-rate, cute, beauteous, yippee, eye-filling, gentle, stellar, neat, sensational, crackerjack, loving, handsome, prizewinning, peachy keen, pleasant, pleasing, resplendent, kind, slick, radical, frontline, captivating, shapely, sweet, pin up, bully, choice, top-flight, fair, cracking, taking, caring, four-star, loveable, radiant, relaxing, brother, high-class, looker, down.

Gorgonian, haggish, repulsive, plain, homely, unaesthetic, unamiable, unimposing, repellent, uncomely, cruel, inferior, sullen, frightful, bad, shocking, unbeautiful, unhandsome, witchy, gruff, crabbed, ill-favored, abhorrent, frumpy, second-rate, execrable, lousy, loathsome, disagreeable, disgusting, objectionable, low-grade, atrocious, mediocre, pathetic, wretched, nasty, awful, hideous, sour, grotesque, dreadful, unappealing, ill-tempered, rotten, surly, ugly, abominable, sickening, substandard, morose, crusty, hateful, acrimonious, dogged, repugnant, nauseating, frumpish, unsightly, unattractive, unbecoming, ill-humored, unpretty, middling, unsatisfactory, unappetizing, ghastly, terrible, unprepossessing, offensive, unshapely, ill-natured, vile, horrible, unlovely, second-class, revolting, unpleasing, unpleasant, poor, churlish, foul.

Examples of usage:

1) What a lovely reason! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) What a lovely Betty! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It's lovely- all of it. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.