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Spell check of love

Correct spelling: love

have it off, love affair, weakness, idolization, infatuation, saint, infatuate, neck, fill out, hunch, know, delight, zest, fondness, angel, experience, madam, change, mania, friendship, taste, buster, friendliness, sweetheart, hit the hay, enthusiasm, dearest, dote on, sonny, long, baby, endearment, lamb, alley, rage, affair, fare, spang, ardor, mensch, Mac, rapture, write out, make out, have a go at it, make do, slam, sugar, eff, tell apart, smother, extol, chouse, savior, companionship, recognise, wonder, Sincerely yours, treasure, cherish, fill in, darling, heat, get, sock, precious, amorousness, hunch over, use, manage, revel in, acknowledge, honor, love life, romantic, hate, pet, activity, mate, squeeze, fling, roll in the hay, admirer, get by, jewel, complete, get it on, preference, escapism, cut, devotedness, have sex, go in for, get laid, sleep with, savor, loyalty, sweetie pie, issue, deal, intimacy, kip down, ma'am, hunch forward, applaud, break, amour, enjoyment, cheat, fairy godmother, bonk, shaft, recognize, admire, make love, bro, fraternity, flame, sexual love, beloved, pardner, get along, truelove, relish, admiration, bud, honey, savour, loved one, appreciation, have it away, adoration, postscript, romeo, sweet, enchantment, go-to guy, favor, communion, hit the sack, Samaritan, desire, bash, cacoethes, ball girl, ball boy, drive in, reverence, passion, lie with, discern, clay, respect, sentiment, emotion, cognise, predilection, sister, approve, sack out, deference, oneness, do, shine, lovemaking, best wishes, esteem, be intimate, faithfulness, favorite, making love, drink in, togetherness, liking, fall for, do it, Cupid, sweetie, like, adore, Yours, fancy, chicane, attachment, retire, binge, turn in, goodwill, go to sleep, babe, whop, amusement, partiality, bang, cognize, dig, affection, go to bed, whap, dude, devotion, contend, brotherhood, sentimentality, fellowship, worship, care for, care, spot, hon, feeling, ace, enjoy, live, worshiper, revel, romance, jazz, crowd pleaser, bop, hump, blast, break point, dear, pick out, advantage, come, connect, grapple, minion, mister, have intercourse, herewith, passionateness, aversion, warmth, the Davis Cup, regard, amativeness, buddy, idolize, idol, sleep together, cope, jockey, revere, kinship, comradeship, miss, penchant, lover, idolise, inclination, camaraderie, delight in, tenderness, crawl in, distinguish, bask, venerate, crush, awe, appetite, yearning, bed, star.

apathy, abhor, distaste, dislike, despise, indifference, scorn, mislike, aversion, enmity, abomination, antipathy, disgust, contemn, disinclination, revulsion, execrate, animosity, abominate, allergy, hate, rancor, unconcern, abhorrence, detest, repugnance, antagonism, misanthropy, hostility, repulsion, ridicule, disfavor, hatred, loathing.

Examples of usage:

1) Love is a wonderful thing, isn't it? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) It's easy, and I love it. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Don't you love them? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.