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Spell check of lot

Correct spelling: lot

ring, allotment, county, bid, persuasion, clustering, state, mint, tummy, dowery, good deal, destiny, down, attraction, boodle, hand out, serve, can, push-down stack, clutch, piling, treat, subdivision, description, hazard, grass, predestination, jackpot, fold, type, direction, muss, conservancy, province, flock, corporation, softwood, abundance, mob, locality, green goddess, band, roofy, curing, attractor, zillion, deal, draw play, throne, community, nature, yard, spile, the sum total, variety, piece, sector, all-inclusive, great deal, pass out, passel, quantity, bulk, admeasure, category, belt, administrate, parcel out, gaggle, pile, vision, dub, carload, dish, percentage, basketful, bank, plenty, bay window, dowry, group, solidifying, whole slew, dance band, hand, circulate, rotary, district, pickle, loads, spate, corridor, coterie, budget, hooking, messiness, kettle of fish, part, huddle, cutting room, bent, altogether, allocation, contend, place, readiness, canton, batch, sheaf, plug, world, mass, claim, look at, domain, city, muckle, rush, cluster, fortune, make out, quantum, jalopy, potentiometer, crapper, municipality, pack, fistful, measure out, kind, scads, divvy, trade, clique, much, shipment, multiplicity, big, auctioneer, number, galère, animation, attracter, stack, round, pass around, people, cut, parking lot, stamp, assemblage, circularize, kingdom, covey, solidification, mold, exercise set, circumstances, mound, body, handle, volume, proportion, doom, battery, many, chain reactor, kismet, distribute, complete, dub in, dress circle, apportionment, smokestack, crop, push-down list, allow, dispensation, zone, striation, clot, power, rophy, sell, collection, set, dower, sight, stool, circumstance, potty, unite, border, reams, colony, wad, hook, give, bus, slew, take, quite a little, oodles, parcel, peck, cud, borough, order, drawing card, atomic reactor, property, masses, commission, broadcast, bidder, riding, chaw, draw poker, compartment, segment, mickle, visual sense, beat, wealth, barrel, traffic circle, disperse, helping, commonweal, nation, quid, package, interest, diffuse, bailiwick, dukedom, bundle, member, mountain, skunk, mess, potful, crew, species, tract, banding, partition, area, grapple, direct, acreage, plat, stripe, isthmus, raft, breed, all, town, care, survey, coven, visual modality, portion out, grouping, big bucks, clearing, shipload, cumulus, trillion, neighborhood, view, caboodle, bidding, roundabout, stria, feather, certain, ilk, constellation, apportion, auction, dry land, haulage, cover, consider, duchy, serving, draw, address, scad, Shire, ken, upsurge, chew, weed, share, litter, get by, lap, cast, mount, fix, propagate, cross section, administer, clump, plot, empire, dance orchestra, locoweed, patch, allot, precinct, country, overall, gobs, dish out, myriad, voltaic pile, half, party, sort, plenitude, stagger, multitude, bucket, truckload, classification, flowerpot, give out, dividend, boatload, jillion, quarter, slice, posse, deal out, chunk, forget me drug, push-down storage, measure, big money, suite, disseminate, shell out, all-or-nothing, constituent, allowance, pass on, earldom, circularise, hatful, circle, make do, dozen, serve up, requisition, dub over, dub out, atomic pile, fraction, ream, grant, bunch, knot, spread, quota, clan, component, agglomerate, surge, conservation area, taxonomy, Dutch auction, chance, push-down store, whole lot, assignment, region, whole, territory, ton, cutaway, hoi polloi, rogues' gallery, plenteousness, tidy sum, smoke, fate, herd, manner, carry on, hatch, plow, troop, stilt, muster, potbelly, division, swarm, gob, galvanic pile, lashings, realm, megabucks, commode, plateful, gang, collect, block, dole, mussiness, freshet, hundred, network, assign, circuit, stock, dispense, bushel, ground, gage, bargain, consort, bit, wholesale, component part, drove, mess hall, sens, cope, field, conduct, allocate, jam, dish up, crowd, split, portion, plentifulness, luck, business deal, hardening, tie, standoff, nap, heap, join, divvy up, array, stipend, store, sess, mete out, kitty, rope, load, cumulation, eBay, profusion, mint candy, haul, manage, amplitude, million, stage set, bid up, everything, plentitude, enclosure, ration, dole out, bevy, accord, muddle, brood, class, stake.

smattering, dearth, deficit, iota, hint, molecule, scarcity, sprinkling, suspicion, famine, insufficiency, ace, drop, bit, poverty, single, nubbin, mite, smatter, taste, dot, morsel, shade, flyspeck, shot, scruple, scintilla, fragment, undersupply, paucity, dash, individual, strain, tittle, jot, meagerness, smidgen, streak, skimpiness, pittance, unit, individualist, little, atom, ray, section, touch, glimmer, mouthful, trace, absence, portion, scrap, driblet, want, granule, scarceness, whit, lick, particle, entity, shred, peanuts, dram, mote, deficiency, speck, pinch, tad, loner, scantness, sprinkle, modicum, fleck, shadow, spot, nip, crumb, handful, item, lack, grain, scantiness, dab, ounce, inadequacy, shortage, piece.

Examples of usage:

1) " Well," he said, " there's a lot of excuse for her, isn't there? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I've a lot of letters to write. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) We know how we feel about each other, and that's going to be a whole lot of comfort to us after- I'm gone. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.