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Spell check of lord

Correct spelling: lord

infinite, deity, the House, brag, godhead, passe-partout, Allah, triumph, ecclesiastic, abbot, Providence, Eternal, mogul, vanquish, prevail, director, manufacturer, Author, ruler, mahatma, Almighty, governor, feudalism, govern, hero, Lady, alchemy, filibuster, magistrate, passkey, landlord, Father, Yahweh, Esq., administer, boss, disciple, heroine, Jesus Christ, laird, peacock, bluff, idol, commandant, head, czar, oppress, predominate, honorific, better, Hon., rule, apostle, King of Kings, oversee, Him, victor, executive, Messiah, salvation, superintend, ringmaster, taskmaster, Trinity, authority, mandarin, the House of Lords, Savior, divinity, god almighty, prance, foreman, landlady, nobleman, landowner, dominate, schoolmaster, control, manor, peer, overseer, possessor, kingpin, owner, flaunt, master, feudal, maestro, Prince of Peace, baronet, demigod, archduke, conquer, tycoon, churchman, guru, succeed, landholder, strut, preen, officer, supervise, lion, surmount, manage, subordinate, swagger, the Holy Ghost, all-powerful, general, liege, prince, milord, muse, backbench, master copy, vaunt, command, shaper, baron, captain, baronetcy, dispatch box, ringleader, master key, noble, His, alchemist, benches, cock-a-doodle-doo, parade, commander, Everlasting, Napoleon, occupier, administrator, president, baroness, professional, countess, conductor, titleholder, Jr., creator, Jesus, superintendent, pontificate, monarch, boast, aristocracy, grandee, goddess, conduct, M., leader, quartermaster, Jesu, Justice, heiress, mayor, dean, omnipotence, the House of Commons, warden, evangelist, Son of Man, proprietress, sea captain, king, mediaeval, manager, mother, maker, win, chief, supervisor, holder, omniscience, blow, householder, skipper, Supreme Being, original, lead, star, crow, Holy Ghost, He, redeemer, Jehovah, dame, apostolic, preside, Son of God, saunter, overcome, inspiration, band master, sire, absolute, the Supreme Being, senior, bluster, headmistress, King of the Jews, principal, divine, direct, gloat, manufacturing business, proprietor, Lamb of God, aristocrat, aggrandize, heir, overlord, judge, agent, headmaster, cleric, superior, Christ, Count, squire, the Honorable, medieval, queen, dieu, consort, the Commons.

plebeian, peon, Lady, churl, underling, toiler, inferior, zero, nobody, lightweight, peeress, peasant, proletarian, subordinate, fellah, pleb, boor, commoner, nothing, half-pint, cottar, noblewoman.

Examples of usage:

1) And, Lord, McIver, I found the watchman had locked the door. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Have not I the Lord? - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

3) At last he said, " We'll take this matter to the Lord, and leave it in his hands." - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.