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Spell check of loose

Correct spelling: loose

demoralized, disjointed, unaffixed, disengaged, slatternly, tight, rambunctious, undecided, anarchic, gratis, relieve, relaxed, unwarranted, dead, broad, untie, fuzzy, unloosen, inchoate, broken, dislodge, vague, discontinuous, emancipated, anarchistic, idle, approximate, give up, leisurely, unchaste, calorie-free, eject, free, groundless, resign, lawless, indistinct, unaccented, light-headed, uneven, loosened, make relaxed, lite, unconstipated, ballpark, bighearted, debased, silty, insane, intimate, capable, debauched, disintegrated, well-to-do, lightheaded, unstrain, irregular, unfounded, unruly, weak, unrestricted, big, reprobate, libertine, escape, complimentary, flee, lax, nonadhesive, publish, costless, disarrayed, exhaust, shifting, clear, loosen up, tolerant, unwholesome, cluttered, well-fixed, depraved, giving, inexact, comfortable, degraded, overt, chaotic, issue, well-off, set free, messy, embroiled, baseless, soft, bounteous, fast, blurry, regular, exempt, unclouded, degenerate, unwind, tripping, swooning, escaped, jobless, easygoing, emancipate, sporadic, sluttish, let out, freehanded, decompress, disembarrass, put out, turn, amorphous, unleash, disorderly, bountiful, assailable, phlegmy, inconsistent, cozy, unfreeze, flexible, let go of, innocent, unofficial, formless, warped, loose-fitting, disorganized, at liberty, flyaway, disreputable, rakehell, light-colored, precise, devoid, footloose, release, undefendable, approximative, frantic, anarchical, undefended, unprovoked, sandy, obscure, liberated, relax, wanton, abstemious, promiscuous, well-heeled, exposed, insecure, discharge, tease apart, jackleg, let loose, unblock, movable, bring out, tempestuous, irresponsible, well-situated, informal, squishy, inaccurate, gratuitous, nihilistic, secrete, perverted, slack up, sick, dissolute, motiveless, scant, indefinite, unsecured, incoherent, jumbled, frenzied, muddled, tumultuous, uncontrolled, deformed, slow down, rid, confused, wild, gentle, confined, baggy, rakish, undone, discomposed, large-minded, disordered, liberal, whorish, decadent, divergent, absolve, light, shapeless, unconsolidated, deranged, unlocked, slackened, unconfined, unloose, disheveled, open, undetermined, candid, expel, openhanded, justify, perturbed, utter, on the loose, wakeful, dissipated, nonuniform, imprecise, blowsy, random, disengage, unbound, tease, detached, out of work, flaccid, wobbly, undisciplined, easy, tighten, short, unfastened, spare, out of control, disconnected, opened, subject, dispersed, unfirm, let go, unbend, coarse, unattached, unpackaged, friable, slack, unresolved, lightsome, blowzy, destitute, untied, emit, unconnected, relinquish, unlax, low-cal, heart-to-heart, undo, loosen, unclean, prosperous, unused, unrestrained, receptive, liberate, at-large, perverse, lewd, slacken, clean, barren, limp, faint, handsome.

constrained, unfree, uncorrupt, tightly fitting, caged, pure, caught, coherent, confine, scrupulous, official, conscientious, established, bolted, meticulous, chaste, absolute, hard, viscous, tight-fitting, skintight, solid, painstaking, snug, undeniable, determined, clayey, restricted, connected, jammed, clinched, gluey, close, gooey, stuck, detain, ethical, compacted, dead-on, fastened, dead, sticky, valid, consolidated, restrained, bound, sure, wedged, firm, adhesive, penned, fettered, affixed, fast, defined, corroborated, virtuous, heavy, inflexible, serried, positive, indisputable, tied, uncorrupted, factual, compressed, fussy, gummy, packaged, certain, correct, chained, incontestable, punctilious, enclosed, kidnapped, moral, compact, definable, righteous, anchored, close-packed, true, close-fitting, rigid, choky, fine, constipated, sound, stiffen, manacled, stern, right, rigorous, cloggy, tight, skinny, accurate, viscid, good, incontrovertible, indubitable, principled, responsible, precise, irrefutable, severe, substantiated, exact, gelatinous, tense, careful, controlled, taut, supported, veracious, attached, dense, leashed, honest, clear-cut, glutinous, shackled, unqualified, imprisoned, harsh, clenched, confined, confirmed, impacted, viselike, decisive, errorless, implacable, immured, validated, packed, definite, incorruptible, unquestionable, strict.

Examples of usage:

1) Man must have done it when he found out she'd turned the calf loose- he wouldn't unless he was pretty mad, and scared. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) " Well," said Loose, " I think we have this thing all fixed up." - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) During that time Dunkle and Loose were talking in a low tone. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.