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Spell check of limp

Correct spelling: limp

rub, unsubstantial, incoherent, detached, inconsistent, spent, step, walk, incumbrance, goose step, survive, lank, stay, buck, worn-out, desperate, spiritless, catch, frazzled, non-coherent, interference, breakable, enlistment, term of enlistment, debilitated, disarticulated, logy, burned-out, hang-up, hinderance, unattached, pooped, formative, fetter, face-saving, tick over, hopple, supple, bushed, vulnerable, claudicate, blue, brittle, feeble, wasted, nonadhesive, move, impressible, non-cohesive, faint, broken, languishing, encumbrance, exist, dead, hitch, cheerless, tapped out, done in, bored, footsore, flaccid, flabby, knackered, unfastened, yielding, beaten, toddle, bungle, wobble, apathetic, exhausted, infirm, frail, reel, rigid, sleepy, run-down, uphill, prostrate, wilted, wayworn, snag, shuffle, friable, wiped out, relaxed, pliant, washed-out, hitchhike, attempted, soft, stiff, enervated, languorous, strut, hobble, drowsy, stride, halt, flounder, totter, slack, discontinuous, stop, dodder, fudge, gait, flag, flimsy, thrive, weary, languid, gimp, hindrance, commemorative, crumbly, trying, lax, drained, depressed, disconnected, amateur, stumble, loose, over-weary, tired, weak, lamely, bleary, plastic, aweary, muddle, blunder, pace, ductile, hostile, tour of duty, droopy, floppy, fumble, limber, stagger, jaded, preventive, stoppage, arrest, done, last, tour, thumb, beat, stale, lag, pliable, bumble, falter, teeter, non-adherent, worn, lame, check, come through, wearied, played out, flexible, maiden, fragile, toilsome, lackadaisical, all in, preventative, disjointed, listless, fatigued, tuckered, duty tour.

dynamic, alert, relaxed, sturdy, pumped, active, brittle, sound, chipper, lively, energetic, industrious, substantial, wide-awake, refreshed, strong, avid, vivacious, revitalized, stiff, compact, inflexible, cheerful, sleepless, kinetic, strengthened, rejuvenated, eager, up, firm, vigilant, open-eyed, motivated, unwearied, indurated, invigorated, rested, vitalized, perky, peppy, dapper, weariless, tense, enterprising, resilient, hard, rigid, animated, dense, tireless, ambitious, fresh, agog, enthusiastic, watchful, keen, crisp, awake, solid.

Examples of usage:

1) He did so, and when she came up again she lay as limp as before. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I'd always limp a little, even if I didn't use it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Suppose you try to get back a little of the old limp. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.