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Spell check of limited

Correct spelling: limited

small-town, measured, peculiar, traced, inadequate, special, incomprehensive, limiting, collective, especial, conditional, faulty, slight, restrained, exceptional, confined, bound, only, edged, fixed, express, unsatisfactory, small-scale, modest, business-to-business, extra, defined, mitigated, bounded, outlined, pocket-sized, reserved, circumscribed, narrow, constrained, insufficient, petty, pocket-size, big, wide, insular, constricted, anticompetitive, modified, definite, noncomprehensive, bordered, rimmed, restricted, provincial, minor, express mail, allowed, mere, controlled, terminated, excepted, specific, parochial, business, moderate, narrow-minded, barely, local, particular, short, stipulated, sparse, qualified, accredited, small-minded, prohibitive, notwithstanding, contoured, expressage, cramped, all-night, determinate, provisional, albeit, minimum, brick-and-mortar, exclusive, brisk, ringed, little, fringed, poor, restrictive, bloated, finite, small, ended, few, under control, scant, tempered.

expansive, respectable, unqualified, oversize, largish, handsome, extensive, global, untrammelled, bumper, hulking, inclusive, grandiose, untrammeled, bottomless, limitless, big, whacking, undefined, inestimable, plenitudinous, unbounded, endless, nebulous, immeasurable, indefinite, comprehensive, unconfined, unlimited, cosmopolitan, bulky, vague, whole, voluminous, jumbo, boundless, unreserved, large, goodly, unrestricted, measureless, expanded, unfathomable, indeterminate, universal, sizable, escalated, immoderate, inexhaustible, innumerable, undefinable, sweeping, copious, general, incalculable, hefty, infinite, broad, oceanic, unmeasured, vast, considerable, substantial, major, dimensionless, king-size, epic, countless, plentiful, great, enlarged, illimitable, ample, super, nonspecific.

Examples of usage:

1) The idea was silly, for their acquaintance had been limited to a few days. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) It is not because land is a gift of nature, while other things are products of labour, but because land is at once limited in quantity, and essential to the production of the general necessaries of life. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) It was a strange sensation to step off the limited at the familiar old station which we had left under such different circumstances. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.