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Spell check of lift

Correct spelling: lift

decriminalize, steal, shanghai, machinate, top, wax, gazump, prove, scam, walk off with, inspire, ascent, pluck, elicit, surface, invert, dress up, nip, enhance, bed out, bonsai, revolutionize, ascension, add to, mounting, airspeed, aggrandizement, shoplift, fig out, increase, rising, rhytidoplasty, come on, dissipate, grind away, mulct, use, buoy, move up, near, elevator, gyp, rip off, give, scent, invalidate, compost, holdup, summit, swot, bringing up, turn back, purloin, meander, enkindle, tog out, resign, stand up, thieve, trick up, empty, utilize, fire escape, float, bristle, evoke, rejoice, pocket, pilfer, conjure, curve, drop, consume, leaven, take up, fosterage, wage increase, swindle, turn, rising slope, down, weight, crouch, brighten up, transit passenger, heighten, rebel, nobble, ski lift, bring up, prepare, wind up, burn up, recruit, sustain, continue, burn down, mug up, fig up, hornswoggle, clear up, uprising, leg up, aerospace, scale, law, clear, thread, air corridor, exalt, bear, tump over, set up, look forward to, face lifting, shoulder, rescind, turn over, criminalize, drum, squeeze, haul, avoid, hook, nullify, air-to-air, inspirit, overrule, heave, exhilarate, procession, spring up, heist, work up, farm, acclivity, overthrow, treasure, rearing, advert, overdress, deck out, rook, draw near, escalate, soak, rise up, upbringing, bowl over, abandon, tog up, bone, boost, upset, organise, palm, motion, journey, stir, hitchhiker, overturn, draw on, fall, uprise, go toward, loot, landing, collect, con, abetment, mouse, buzz, cram, rustle, change by reversal, carry, fire, climb up, come down, support, elevate, plume, kindle, peak, line up, bunco, twist, drive, vellicate, turn out, embezzle, pinch, double over, draw close, rig out, drill, back seat driver, deck up, salary increase, excite, ditch, come in, wrap, addict, airborne, raising, burglarize, countermand, arise, slip, banister, stickup, levy, revoke, conjure up, transportation, cross-pollinate, modulate, nip and tuck, pick up, disperse, natural elevation, elate, crochet, pirate, extort, ascend, recall, help, face-lift, please, upgrade, void, cross-fertilize, roll, eject, happy, glom, quaver, snarf, close in, rob, put up, trick out, rally, soar, move, mug, cost increase, knock over, fall back on, feed, aerodynamic lift, grow, hand, enrich, prink, filch, acme, kick up, tweet, superlative, schlep, air traffic control, abduct, plunder, seatmate, step up, knock off, cop, escalade, kidnap, rise, rear, mount, air pocket, diddle, handrail, get hold, devise, promote, transmit, plagiarize, height, vacate, abolish, climb, go up, run away with, run up, transport, apply, make, uplift, abstract, take off, wage hike, get-up, bannister, balance, defraud, ease, pull, fickle, mention, bank, deadhead, bob up, come near, animate, scratch, develop, airlift, jump for joy, bring in, accost, reboot, solicit, backing, override, cite, assistance, scrape, jump, organize, reverse, gussy up, bring down, improve on, nose, nod, originate, remove, tip over, exploit, remedy, fostering, levitate, retch, burgle, dumbwaiter, convey, abrogate, twinge, bend, snitch, hold, gladden, quash, aerobatics, sneak, aerate, advance, call down, double, cower, muster up, poach, wander, optimization, hijack, ski tow, revolutionise, hump, rhytidectomy, toss, burrow, aid, airdrop, grab, facelift, blackmail, captain, call forth, breeding, choke, resurrect, bone up, cabbage, provoke, approach, thrive on, incline, hoist, crimp, uphold, tiptop, bow, assist, transfer passenger, rejoice in, flush, weave, attire, escalation, emanation, swot up, brighten, give up, bring, harden, scatter, twitch, cloud, wreathe, fleece, pinnacle, nurture, bestride, ladder, surcharge, hike, codify, kick upstairs, subvert, wind, crook, passenger, cosmetic surgery, altitude, parent, summon, put forward, hitcher, escalator, go on, heaving, cheer, plagiarise, correct, fancy up, break through, muster, come, duck, helping hand, arouse, pussyfoot, creep, refer, meridian, produce, twine, goldbrick, gip, renounce, overcharge, boot, improve, take, elevation, name, break, backdate, stowaway, snare, upraise, uprear, invoke, scrape up, multiply, tilt, annul, amendment, aggrandisement, flight, raise, passage, short-change, amend, repeal, come up, swipe, ascending, levitation, revitalize, erect, hearten, crane, victimize, find.

lower, interference, go down, throw off, inhibition, come down, frustration, shake off, give up, discouragement, take down, fall, let go, restraint, repression, deterrence, obstruction, get down, drop, let down, fall under, descend, throw down, bring down, hindrance, constraint.

Examples of usage:

1) He thought he could lift it with ease. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I choose them because I want them myself, she declared with a proud lift of her head. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) To- morrow I will try to ride on the horse if you will lift me up on him. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.