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Spell check of leave

Correct spelling: leave

throw, exiting, submit, grant, embark, allowance, go forth, countenance, blot out, commit, shed, meet, rouse, convey, ply, dedicate, rid, skimp, offer, dismiss, walking out, croak, surrender, hand over, devote, cancel, furlough, get by, hold to, bring, dispose, chair, authority, put, put across, sacrifice, bequest, turn over, establish, granting, departing, chip in, comp time, work out, go on, break off, depart from, run to, amount to, get out, flee, absent, come forth, shepherd, forgo, void, balance, pass on, lend, extend, entrust, cater, ensue, recess, retire, generate, earmark, omit, put down, finish with, cave in, forswear, jettison, dispel, circulate, decampment, perish, add up to, snuff it, dispensation, deep-six, swear off, word of farewell, touch, remain, license, retract, return, drop, come away, give-up the ghost, see, come to, part, disclaim, pass around, set aside, make, afford, give way, lay up, cease, bother, get off, cut off, relinquish, take leave, continue, cut out, bequeath, split up, precede, top, hols, educational leave, discard, decide, get around, leave behind, hand, draw, tolerate, let go, blow, repudiate, enroll, move on, abdicate, vary, part with, forego, collapse, forsake, blank out, ease up, have, take, distribute, drive, impart, consecrate, present, take out, resign, refrain, birthright, arouse, come into, sit by, absence, bring out, empty, reach, will, decamping, start, pile, farewell, waive, set out, defect, kick in, bestow, guide, transmit, inquire, vent, bring forth, deviate, repress, date, place, conk, let, career gapper, awaken, come down to, move over, go, abstain, take off, attendance, down time, pass away, deliver, furnish, vacate, kick the bucket, drop out, go steady, go away, set forth, abandon, block, release, pass, escort, buy the farm, sufferance, supply, advance, choke, defriend, keep, consent, help, escape, conduce, expire, warrant, stand by, egress, appropriate, open, give, sidetrack, ignite, drop dead, communicate, board, push off, pull up stakes, inspire, leave of absence, fall out, pull, outgo, issue, shove off, render, holiday, abjure, cast off, desert, evacuate, vanish, erase, carry, come, intrust, invoke, allow for, attend, cash in one's chips, lay, parting, draw a blank, provide, diverge, quit, lavish, recant, lay aside, walk, concurrence, break up, hold, abstract, call forth, add, green light, neglect, admit, exemption, quitting, go down, lead, gift, demit, confide, lay down, permit, put up, emerge, straggle, entrance, leave alone, split, break, audit, dump, run, draw out, yield, sanction, forget, allow, direct, law, half-day, affect, ask, discontinue, pull out, result in, renounce, founder, cleave to, get away, provide for, progress, lighting out, obliterate, save on, approval, cede, saver, vacation, bring home the bacon, clearance, haul off, sabbatical, harden, authorization, beneficiary, feed, pop off, die, save, hold out for, absenteeism, terminate, fall in, apply, capitulate, settle, result, devise, request, trust, march on, permission, set off, provoke, going, phase out, depart, stand firm, head, disown, translate, go out, give up, decamp, coffee break, decease, relegate, contribute, disappear, start out, digress, reserve, exit, total, leave-taking, moderate, add up, compassionate leave, bury, position, set, withdraw, claimant, channel, come out, pay, throw over, reject, conduct, take into account, enrollment, approach.

court, entrance, go into, keep, adopt, get into, come, ingress, exclusion, interdiction, assert, rejection, denial, come in, go in, retain, enter, occupy, veto, advent, coming, pursue, taboo, arrival, revocation, approach, prohibition, arrive, injunction, cherish, hold, get in, discouragement, favor, defend, proscription, deterrence, protect, claim, get, refusal, move into, haunt, seek, repression, prosecute, maintain, disinherit, undertake, embargo, disown, appearance, ban, uphold, support, vindicate, suppression, advocate.

Examples of usage:

1) I must hear you say it before I leave. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Will you leave me? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Not to leave us? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.