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Spell check of leafy

Correct spelling: leafy

foliate, grown, springlike, foliolate, verdant, foliose, covered, summery, foliaged, secluded, hidden, ivied, abundant, leaved, unifoliate, overgrown, luxuriant, umbrageous, bowery, shady, abounding, shaded, ivy-covered, leafed, green, leaflike, bifoliate, foliaceous.

defoliate, stark, bleak, arid, dead, unproductive, barren, defoliated, parched, leafless, depleted, scapose, aphyllous, poor, waterless, sere, dry, impoverished, desert, infertile.

Examples of usage:

1) Only a leafy whispering stirred the quiet. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

2) She drew the strong, sweet leafy smells of the trees with eager breaths. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) She lay down by the roadside, and pressed her ear to the earth to listen for the sound of hoof- beats, but only the forest murmurs came to her, the moan of the wind in the valleys, the leafy murmur of the trees, the creaking of broken and swaying branches, the faint calling of birds, all confused and mingled in a vague wave of sound. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.