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Spell check of leafed

Correct spelling: leafed

leafy, leaved.


Examples of usage:

1) Arrkroo was the only man present who really knew what ailed Wuntoo, for he himself had put poison in the old man's food- the juice of a narrow- leafed vine which grew only in the Valley of the Skulls. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.

2) The mossy woods through which the trail led them the previous day had been carpeted with the round- leafed orchid, with here and there a nodding Calypso, one of the most daintily beautiful and fragrant of the mountain flowers. - "Among the Canadian Alps", Lawrence J. Burpee.

3) He took the notebook and leafed through it idly. - "Out Like a Light", Gordon Randall Garrett.