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Spell check of lay out

Correct spelling: lay out

coiffure, interpret, crop, correct, gear up, fructify, pitch, choreograph, assemble, spend, range, run, chart, burial, dispose, flaunt, face, instal, unveil, salute, pile, go down, depart, stand for, deck, ready, display, show off, sunburned, demonstrate, raise, scheme, sunburn, give, parade, go under, establish, dress, overexpose, prepare, ground plan, localise, produce, submit, roll, align, set about, flash, civil engineering, grade, comprise, act, roam, confront, plant, cremains, clarify, vagabond, invest in, get, limit, coif, start out, defend, floor, order, stage, browse, gift, ramble, strike down, SPF, budget, pose, demo, launch, expend, illustrate, put, collate, draw up, ashes, knock, be, heap, fell, tack together, adjust, box, sunbathe, sort, invest, bier, put across, codify, put up, pasture, typify, architectural, organize, coiffe, layer, rank, feng shui, graze, elevation, effect, landscape architecture, sic, burn, award, engineering, define, installment, countersink, expose, lay, shell out, flatten, out, ensnare, commence, explain, frame, shape, swan, arrange, pay, tack, place, coffin, marshal, outlay, cast, congeal, lend, exemplify, localize, introduce, finance, determine, found, represent, strategize, symbolise, array, pay out, start, portray, acquaint, erect, expenditure, mark, classify, rate, blueprint, rove, jell, fund, correspond, drop, project, present, make up, map, systematize, put in, play, casket, strut, stray, take off, effectuate, payment, set off, set up, rig, get down, run through, architecture, constitute, piece, install, typeset, set out, calculate, cortege, disbursement, fork over, purchase, sun, exhibit, cremate, part, bury, investment, deliver, wander, take down, disport, knock down, position, sun cream, specify, put together, begin, drift, set forth, symbolize, do, set, design, entrap, straddle, fix, disburse, rear, bask, sport, show.

disarray, acquire, lay up, hoard, earn, occlude, veil, realize, disguise, make, conceal, disarrange, garner, disorder, hide, shroud, mask, curtain, camouflage, cover, mess, rumple, win, cache, enshroud, save, derange, procure, obscure, secure, upset, gain, muss, occult.