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Spell check of lay

Correct spelling: lay

place down, pick up, untried, accredit, beat, drop, evangelical, play, repose, station, organize, post, clean, work out, blueprint, jell, eggshell, think ahead, plant, pile, assemblage, worldly, pinpoint, situate, rest, spread, planned, congeal, incubation period, naive, lay out, draw up, get down, dumbfound, vocal, put, take down, set out, charge, song, clean out, inexperienced, gambling, lyric, save, map out, direct, game, uneducated, go, laic, epic, fortification, nonprofessional, new-laid, level, uninitiated, straighten up, puzzle, arrange, dress, rank, curl up, record, come in, target, ballad, come out, commit, do, find, double date, redact, impersonate, wager, ascribe, drop off, ditty, coif, limit, bring down, gravel, seek, bury, masonry, allege, bet, inter, born-again, rate, project, show, place, put by, free verse, contrive, invest, balance, cast, clean up, illiterate, cite, vex, aim, typeset, localise, design, entomb, development, bewilder, turn, ready, eligible, venture, blank verse, present, interdenominational, assembly, bed down, couch, rise, spot, clutch, unskilled, temporal, secular, pose, adduce, set, unearth, air, coiffe, flummox, eternal triangle, frame, finalize, stake, unload, stupefy, dope out, Christian, identify, posture, refer, determine, adjust, countersink, demean, broody, perplex, profane, reside, position, gamble, amaze, conquest, put down, risk, range, chart, elegy, head, chaperon, spawn, down, lay up, church, inhume, dream up, brush, building, hunker down, salt away, destroy, warble, lay by, credit, incubate, charismatic, zero in, send, words, arrangement, scheme, define, construction, grade, catch, get, degrade, write down, lay in, formulate, attribute, escort, coiffure, give, develop, personate, jingle, fall, discharge, collapse, establish, bunk, impute, flop, site, localize, rig, recumb, sort out, plan, prepare, mark, untrained, strain, set by, stick, set up, ecclesiastical, tidy, enter, mystify, keep, conceive, fructify, unqualified, baffle, set down, law, sit, pick up after, cuddle up, situation, go under, nonplus, doggerel, recline, settle, tune, disgrace, cycle, assign, devise, sic, train, locate, go down, clear out, strategize, Mr. Right, egg, discover, order, point, fix, land, Baptist, correct, lay away, specify, epigram, orchestrate, model, ecumenical, gear up, stand.

professional, sacred.

Examples of usage:

1) Someone saw you lay your bracelet on the dressing table. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) I lay there all day, and heard them talking, but I couldn't see them nor they me. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I did not lay out to make it a home for women. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.