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Spell check of launder

Correct spelling: launder

red-pencil, rinse, disinfect, expurgate, purify, cleanse, moisten, wash, sanitize, dampen, purge, wash away, wipe, wash out, order, wash off, clean, sweep, lave, neaten, tidy, clear, scrub, bowdlerize, sterilize, filter, lap.

approve, authorize, sanction.

Examples of usage:

1) When he sent her word that he was going with some of the men from the factory up the river for a swim, she gave her shoulders a defiant shrug, and set to work to launder her one white dress and stove- polish her hat, with the pleasing results we have already witnessed through the eyes of Mrs. Snawdor and Mrs. Smelts. - "Calvary Alley", Alice Hegan Rice.

2) Then one tried to reach down and drink it outright, at which he fell in, and Rosa felt impelled to fish him out and launder him,- to his terror,- before turning him loose, then put the syrup on the fire to sterilize. - "Unexplored!", Allen Chaffee.

3) One of the Dutch ladies, who taught the English to starch and launder cambric ruffs, was so much sought after and charged such high fees, that she soon earned herself a competence. - "Milton's England", Lucia Ames Mead.