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Spell check of lash

Correct spelling: lash

fuse, censure, spank, beat up, cuff, fasten, paste, scarify, rise, call down, gallows, cornea, chew up, chide, buckle, call on the carpet, ax, douse, noose, roast, thresh about, jactitate, riot, jail, storm, whisk, vanquish, string, block, hitch, party whip, tether, burrow, buffet, plump, plait, cosh, bump, buck, arouse, combat, clinch, poke, rod, haymaker, thrash, hammer, belt, couple, strike, braid, stripe, swipe, lay into, remonstrate, blister, crash, rag, barrage, bash, welt, soap, torture chamber, rawhide, rope, guillotine, gibbet, attack, stinger, zip, whip, pelt, harry, concussion, slap, reproof, invade, pip, clout, goad, bull whip, slash, trounce, raid, shell, bracket, thrash about, thumbscrew, harangue, scourge, pound, smash, whipping post, flip-flop, bullwhip, solitary confinement, eyelash, scathe, provoke, thrust, link, cast, switch, rouse, lace, pin, gust, lunge, bludgeon, ram, box, pillory, sock, lecture, cane, tear apart, get up, weld, praise, flogger, eyeball, truncheon, weave, cudgel, worst, scaffold, smack, chop, frisk, rap, stake, gash, fight, beat, dress down, charge, tack, fix, claw, tie, tell off, trim, clip, misfortune, berate, secure, conjunctiva, drop, whop, cilium, have words, lambaste, stitch, sew, stay, score, whiplash injury, splice, bite, reward, howl, toss, flog, assault, run over, bop, batter, gas chamber, calamity, excoriate, maiden, whack, gore, scald, ignite, brass knuckles, knot, hit, bind, glue, freshen, ciliary muscle, affect, wallop, strap, swat, bang, thump, slam, inspire, hack, knit, choroid, bristle, have, bombard, wham, hide, stocks, shock, thresh, thwack, captivity, cut, touch, scorch, cement, disaster, aqueous humor, awaken, assail, hinge, join, baby blues, blow, reprimand, chain, catch, boomerang, stun, jaw, beach, whiplash, larrup, knock, bat, fillip, smash into, attach, club, lambast, hook, thud, rack, punch, invoke, iron, chew out, knobkierie, clap, slug, birch rod, cut down, pick up, violate, suture, lick, rack up, connect, rip into, crush, battering ram, thong, bonk, lather, bust, beat out, blunt instrument, bawl out, mop up, eyebrow, flay, pick, biff, baste, savage, rebuke, drub, castigate, hammer blow, collide, prison, cowhide, eye, electric chair, convulse, dab, scold.


Examples of usage:

1) It was like the fling of a lash. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.

2) He drew back as if the lash of a whip had swept across his face. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.

3) Our captives were quickly dragged down the stairs, when Mr Saunders ordered the women to clear out of the house forthwith, and proceeded to lash the hands of the men behind their backs. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.