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Spell check of large

Correct spelling: large

boastful, booming, happening, overall, copious, erect, braggy, tidy, enormous, obvious, galactic, XL, liberal, lofty, pregnant, sizeable, popularized, gargantuan, orotund, elephantine, monstrous, material, measurable, immoderate, megascopic, outsize, impressive, blown-up, tremendous, broad, life-size, brick-and-mortar, biggest, round, hulky, grandiose, full-size, with child, business-to-business, tumescent, spacious, epic, immense, bloated, amplitudinous, thumping, long, bragging, vogue, magnanimous, jumbo, full-grown, plentiful, huge, consequential, queen-size, ample, gravid, hulking, grown, du jour, king-sized, specific, good, vast, plumping, spectacular, prodigious, far-reaching, capacious, swelled, conspicuous, voguish, macro, magnificent, enlarged, giant, larger, bighearted, lavish, comprehensive, self-aggrandizing, cumbersome, stupendous, widely, corpulent, gigantic, massive, astronomic, bumper, heavyset, bad, commodious, life-sized, bulky, business, bountiful, extravagant, vauntingly, ponderous, pop, generous, prodigal, pear-shaped, swollen, goodly, too large, outsized, wide-reaching, considerable, faddy, king-size, colossal, wide, largish, medium, burly, large-scale, striking, double, handsome, deep, healthy, walloping, roomy, tall, bigger, big-hearted, majestic, mountainous, substantial, OS, chunky, boundless, immeasurable, declamatory, oversize, gigantesque, whacking, titanic, S., populous, dimensional, larger-than-life, heroic, global, all-round, intumescent, man-sized, oversized, M., enceinte, giving, broad-spectrum, great, bounteous, in, rangy, general, self-aggrandising, red-hot, far-ranging, overgrown, kind, faddish, brisk, obese, anticompetitive, all-night, sizable, extended, lifesize, volumed, expectant, all-around, fully grown, tumid, cock-a-hoop, herculean, historic, bouffant, boxcar, coarse, fat, awesome, sweeping, short, outstanding, monster, big, inclusive, puffy, small, queen-sized, mammoth, turgid, towering, monumental, noble, meaningful, greathearted, greatest, extensive, bombastic, abundant, accredited, princely, widespread, cyclopean, stout, astronomical, modish, husky, crowd-pleasing, wide-ranging, hot, rhetorical, hefty, biggish, macroscopic, favorite, portly, gross, little, adult, L, soaring, grand, humongous, macroscopical, overlarge, freehanded, salient, baggy, fashionable, high, Brobdingnagian, monolithic, cosmic, important, largest, vainglorious, heavy, rotund, all-inclusive, mighty, collective, crowing, super, banner, significant, open, expansive, grownup, boastfully, prominent, braggart, cavernous, whopping, openhanded, voluminous.

weensy, despised, diminutive, lilliputian, slender, out, mini, teeny-weeny, rejected, atomic, disliked, short, teensy, little-bitty, dwarf, meanspirited, limited, small-scale, insignificant, undersized, bantam, teentsy, obscure, minuscule, pygmy, brief, anonymous, dwarfish, indistinguished, itsy-bitsy, noncomprehensive, gnomish, microscopic, minute, micro, slight, ungenerous, narrow, weeny, unknown, unpopular, microscopical, pint-size, inconsiderable, trivial, nameless, inconspicuous, itty-bitty, littler, wee, miniature, bittie, hated, slim, midget, mean, incomprehensive, paltry, washed-up, puny, miniscule, unfashionable, runty, unrhetorical, detested, subatomic, half-pint, teensy-weensy, flyspeck, petite, unimportant, thin, elfin, infinitesimal, bitty, scanty, petty, undersize, elflike, dinky, small, pocket-sized, teeny, pocketable, lesser, unexceptional, invisible, smaller, tiny, pocket-size, microminiature, nonpregnant, little, shrimpy, trifling, smallish, half-size.

Examples of usage:

1) What could she be, then, since no large ship was in sight to which she could have belonged? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) First, is it large or small? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Most of it was large. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.