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Spell check of lapse

Correct spelling: lapse

go down, throwback, gaffe, trip, cash in one's chips, play along, inobservance, forever, overstep, choke, superintendence, incuriosity, decay, let up, decline, interval, sneak away, overtake, clear, eliminate, go under, putrefy, fall apart, degenerate, slither, cooling-off period, glide by, dilapidate, fall, heedlessness, dawdle, resort, go through, evanesce, downgrade, bobble, slip by, atrophy, extend, cease, shutdown, stumble, vanish, glissade, miscue, disregard, keep, sneak out, recession, mistake, degradation, reach, wreckage, negligence, befuddlement, fall out, give-up the ghost, aeon, ending, kick the bucket, pop off, knock, dip, boob, give out, stop, return, fluff, run out, screwup, stay, steal away, dry up, reverse, inaccuracy, go along, fumble, collapse, legislate, law, conk, dreaminess, retrograde, wither, check, gaff, authorise, eternity, malfunction, error, slacken, blow over, halt, make it, go past, arrestment, reversal, fall off, worsen, sink, expire, fiasco, top, drop off, descent, lapsing, obliviousness, travel by, get worse, clinker, cessation, put across, lead, span, shutoff, retrogression, carelessness, slide, turnabout, interlude, disinterestedness, misstep, wilt, unconcern, era, absent-mindedness, slipup, ease, setback, cutoff, blunder, arrest, delay, communicate, go away, retroversion, relapsing, bury, slide by, turnaround, decease, terminate, go across, bate, settle, exceed, conclusion, inattention, close, regress, surpass, time, slip, termination, recidivate, take place, backsliding, lag, inadvertence, disregardfulness, ebb, come about, distraction, indifference, slide down, tergiversate, subside, backslide, sneak off, closure, guide, boo-boo, draw, go on, hap, rot, supervising, expiration, wane, increase, pass away, forgetfulness, break, fade away, croak, age, intermission, pass on, pass off, apathy, drop, recess, moderate, lose, slip away, stoppage, hand, proceed, exit, spend, turn over, snuff it, happen, failure, go, recurrence, fall behind, retrogress, brick, closedown, interruption, goof, preoccupation, perversion, reverting, crash, reversion, drop down, breakdown, debacle, disappear, abate, give, offset, excrete, elapse, go by, better, aggravation, pass, dissolve, authorize, clanger, recidivation, die, flub, recur, fault, run, relapse, repetition, fade, overhaul, make pass, occur, turn back, atavism, contamination, thoughtlessness, move, supervision, continue, transcend, recede, duration, slack off, deteriorate, go downhill, devolve, detachment, regression, drop dead, remit, discontinuance, surcease, unconsciousness, oversight, glide, pass by, fleet, evaporate, revert, finish, aloofness, retrovert, fall back, lack of interest, absence, egest, slump, moulder, discontinuation, perish, buy the farm, pause.

prolongation, status quo, correctness, continuance, infallibility, persistence, accuracy, precision, exactness, preciseness, inerrancy, perfection, extension, exactitude, strictness, continuation.

Examples of usage:

1) Your right would simply lapse to the son of Herbert Hyde- the young man you met at Oxford-" " Surely, sir, we need not talk of that fellow. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

2) Even longer than between scenes one and two was the lapse of time between scenes two and three. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.

3) After a lapse of time of which I was hardly conscious, I became aware of the glow of the Palace and the lights of Shaftesbury Avenue. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.