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Spell check of language

Correct spelling: language

phrasing, manner of speaking, poetry, formulation, idiom, lyric, verbiage, phonetics, expression, lyric poem, networking, structure, creole, diction, words, articulation, style, signal, phrase, communications, actor's line, spoken language, anthropology, COBOL, parlance, basilect, vocabulary, vernacular, home language, voice, vocalization, ASCII, writing, interlingual, interchange, object, semantics, transformational grammar, sign, linguistic communication, vocab, predicate, nomenclature, spoken communication, show, address, usage, phonics, first language, phraseology, conversation, shoptalk, heritage language, communicate, diglossia, shop, wrangle, etymology, patois, run-in, acrolect, patter, literature, voice communication, linguistics, mother tongue, lingo, pantomime, utterance, code, Java, conjugation, row, word, rhetoric, linguistic process, criticism, slang, phonology, lecture, lexis, polyglot, speech communication, printing, jargon, HTML, syntax, dialect, jive, wording, agree, command line, Esperanto, argot, communication, structural linguistics, BASIC, gibberish, prose, talking to, terminology, grammar, dustup, qualifier, speech, quarrel, cant, phonemics, oral communication, interlanguage, inscription, get along, delivery, binary system, langue, song, form, lexicon, assembly language, channel, gesture, subject.

Examples of usage:

1) After which he addressed Stas in the English language. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) That in our language means, great and black water. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) The thing seems impossible, and the idea absurd; but there is really nothing at fault here but the language. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.