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Spell check of land

Correct spelling: land

drop, gravel, filth, beach, come to, coast, mountain, mineral, continental shelf, possession, bolt down, bring in, annex, empire, corridor, El Dorado, primer, push down, continental drift, procure, dirt, wrangle, come by, cut, ranch, disembark, arcade, secure, inheritance, neck, peninsula, nation, receive, assets, acquire, debark, purchase, get, home, buy, holding, overturn, pastoral, repose, flat coat, lay, overland, cliff, add, res publica, plunge, field, reach, bag, hick, close, body politic, background, get in, pop, district, belongings, incur, border, endure, fetch, fixtures, lend, tear, province, stone, let down, appear, possessions, crag, drink down, mainland, globe, car park, primer coat, collect, region, go through, part, principal, claim, buck, devour, ledge, commonwealth, the Bates Motel, acres, stream, Edwin Herbert Land, down-home, accept, stain, basis, garner, gain, clod, earthly concern, homeland, rural, cut back, grime, a people, refine, disgrace, sea, the Promised Land, harvest, lower, get down, convey, set ashore, ground, county, lure, ditch, defeat, acquisition, alleyway, farm, title, destroy, tract, quarry, geological, grease, pour down, vote down, take, institute, bestow, get together, plummet, acre, loam, Hades, come down, legacy, dust, obtain, earth, terrestrial, hill, Din Land, go down, inflict, accumulate, find, fairyland, reduce, cast, attain, derive, discharge, seaside, rock, the borderland, toss off, grunge, dry land, bucolic, net, descend, undergo, accomplish, state of matter, demesne, amass, chattel, arena, knowledge domain, score, domain, enter, trim back, cut down, plain, blind alley, put down, record, degrade, boulder, bring, strand, zone, prop, sovereignty, climb, reason, priming coat, shore, shoot down, get to, heap, provincial, aquifer, charge, never-never land, capture, backyard, husbandry, place down, down, corner, trim down, conservancy, belt down, wealth, overthrow, blood sports, politics, floor, valley, crust, unload, world, polity, soil, priming, shore up, catch, resources, country, realty, dystopia, polish, come under, fault, agriculture, reap, fine-tune, property, pocket, pebble, play, campus, take down, fall, real estate, retrieve, state, faultline, suffer, owned, trim, desert, democracy, make for, big game, geology, consume, realm, farming, Co., work, assume, pull down, goods, captain, Arcadia, back, slip, footing, knock down, drop off, come in, sand, estate of the realm, buzz, enclosure, shoot, area, promontory, geography, airlift, eject, airspace, Camelot, impose, angling, subsoil, republic, arrive, subvert, breadbasket, metal, knowledge base, worth, palm, vote out, write down, rural area, effects, landed estate, stock, win, onshore, rustic, clay, bait, worldly concern, kingdom, set down, impart, wreak, estate, territory, solid ground, terra firma, belt, sphere, undercoat, orbit, bring down, prop up, coastal, manor, come, visit, draw in, bite, alley, contribute, acreage, conservation area, cloister, demean, bank.

go, set out, leave, sea, embark, air, go away, set sail, aquatic, weigh anchor, start, amphibious, depart.

Examples of usage:

1) Where or how would he land? - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) He had very much land, but he was generous and gave it nearly all away to his poor people. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) The land on Kligor was dry. - "For Every Man A Reason", Patrick Wilkins.