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Spell check of lame

Correct spelling: lame

anesthetize, prostrate, lousy, gimpy, cashmere, comfortable, calico, strain, flannel, punk, spunky, cruddy, paltry, handicap, off, commemorative, brocade, mohair, stiff, crinoline, fabric, unsubstantiated, despicable, gingham, tamper, spavined, nasty, denim, felt, burlap, grubby, horsehair, gossamer, bruise, Dacron, deplorable, desperate, plaid, tricot, wound, feeble, screw up, paisley, seemingly, disarm, hamper, ill, leatherette, chenille, deficient, gabardine, cotton, velvet, tulle, dirty, square toes, unacceptable, foulard, tweed, face-saving, hurt, square, incapacitate, disable, botch, bunting, silk, batik, cramp, crummy, sacking sailcloth, sapless, mettlesome, sap, madras, hamstring, serge, unfounded, oilcloth, moleskin, black and blue, scotch, attempted, unsatisfactory, matting, linen, duffel, longcloth, accessible, alleged, painful, seersucker, corduroy, infirm, velour, bush-league, net, invalidate, unfinished, deaden, deformed, quilting, apparently, critical, scurvy, sour, dissatisfactory, enfeeble, battered, anecdotal, alpaca, debile, crippled, public square, unfit, rickety, wack, doubtful, harm, astrakhan, cut, damask, subpar, spirited, challenged, Celanese, wounded, defective, disabled, rayon, dumb, wrong, scummy, limp, dull, nerveless, nylon, gamy, supposed, gamey, wool, halting, injure, ineffective, ataxia, amateur, wretched, weakly, chiffon, stun, percale, elastic, disability, game, abrogate, taffeta, inadequate, Lurex, lamely, Acrilan, benumb, paralyze, Orlon, cheap, developmental disability, cripple, cambric, stultify, inefficient, hostile, chintz, disablement, sateen, ratty, impair, sharkskin, grenadine, second power, gritty, faint, challis, burn, decrepit, out of action, Jersey, allegedly, mean, undermine, cheesecloth, tarpaulin, scabby, inferior, suboptimal, bush, crepe, cut up, pitiful, vitiate, fur, sneaking, speculative, hobble, pitiable, break, neutralize, faulty, foursquare, hinder, baize, maiden, stupefy, sorry, raw, satin, wanting, fleece, weaken, worsted, poor, weak, injured, canvas, twill, broadcloth, suede, herringbone, halt, substandard, muslin.

fabulous, heavenly, prime, tip-top, sensational, mediocre, nifty, better, classic, capital, OK, respectable, redoubtable, dandy, commendable, tolerable, superior, marvelous, jim-dandy, superb, suitable, top, superlative, grand, A1, fit, honest, principled, excellent, gratifying, sterling, satisfactory, keen, bang-up, neat, top-notch, honorable, reputable, unexceptional, supernal, meritorious, high-minded, minimal, fancy, exceptional, premium, crackerjack, high-grade, perfect, first-class, noble, wonderful, useful, strong, passable, swell, boss, adequate, standard, fair, righteous, unsurpassed, satisfying, great, praiseworthy, right-minded, sufficient, terrific, par excellence, ethical, stellar, admirable, so-so, special, scrupulous, mean, right, upright, classical, decent, first-rate, middling, good, fine, borderline, acceptable, groovy, creditable, laudable, virtuous, slick, splendid, moral, choice, divine, worthy, banner, average, all right.

Examples of usage:

1) I've a little lame brother, and we take care of a poor old musician, who, people say, is crazy. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) That's why he's lame. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Now he tried to use his lame leg as much as possible. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.