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Spell check of knockout

Correct spelling: knockout

smash, terrible, beaut, checkmate, victory, smasher, grave, boxer, ravisher, mantrap, violator, truelove, success, boxing, cup of tea, pass out, blow, gem, lulu, subdual, viewer, beautiful, achievement, count out, collapse, subjection, stern, apricot, delightful, witness, punishing, miracle, captivating, clout, dream, difficult, spectator, grand slam, arduous, stunning, salmon pink, looker, the sublime, babe, eye-catching, dishful, conquest, beguiling, strike, knock out, beauty, yellowish pink, peach tree, box, severe, stunner, sweetie, wicked, winning, grievous, thoroughbred, bag, phenomenon, arm-wrestling, bantamweight, masterpiece, life-threatening, hit, strong, dish aerial, hammer blow, fit, faint, doll, concentrated, cross, bare-knuckle, steady, watcher, austere, surd, model, dangerous, stark, saucer, go under, dish, ko, debaucher, backbreaking, voiceless, grueling, triumph, sensation, operose, tough, gruelling, adorable, bonk, sweetheart, chop, ascendancy, nice-looking, bang, appealing, bop, dish antenna, serious, kayo, laborious, spartan, black out, classic, marvel, hard, cuff, inspiration, intemperate, slump, mastery, corner, unvoiced, bout, bump, peach, toilsome, lovely, stun, heavy, K.O., win.


Examples of usage:

1) There's a knockout comin' to the best of 'em, if they hang to the game long enough. - "Shorty McCabe", Sewell Ford.

2) What is a knockout, anyway? - "Shorty McCabe", Sewell Ford.

3) " The regulation knockout drops," he smiled grimly. - "Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis", H. Irving Hancock.