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Spell check of key

Correct spelling: key

overmastering, blacklist, command key, major, francis scott key, C, primordial, tag, tell, great, head, report, fob, top, prior, attain, call, find out, profound, recognise, draw, reveal, account, premier, primary, body, serious, come across, emblem, delineate, notice, highest, atoll, severalize, line, holm, label, name, dominant, linchpin, guidepost, marker, binding, backspace, sovereign, key ring, principal, notation, list, book, icon, tonality, control key, place, motion, crotchet, headstone, signalise, pointer, staple, Florida Keys, checklist, master key, lynchpin, wave, ticket, crucial, lighthouse, supreme, significant, make, signal, feature, addendum, asymptotic, constitute, learn, convergent, double flat, grand, hint, let on, signpost, archipelago, first, legend, stamp, formula, double-click, arch, cardinal, of import, pick out, D, overbearing, insignia, anchor, denotation, preeminent, blue book, separate, primaeval, make out, critical, gesture, gravestone, islet, tombstone, unwrap, pick up, calendar, control, prompt, fundamental, enter, code, essential, divulge, tell apart, foremost, token, strike, priority, expose, important, observe, element, predominant, alert, numero uno, Alt key, blusher, severalise, get a line, figuration, depict, bring up, cue, main, back, central, bunch, mainstay, beat, describe, secern, kilogram, get wind, skeleton key, isle, rudimentary, basis, kg, bibliography, drumstick, combination, meaningful, bridge, number one, big, capital, bring out, semaphore, glossary, indication, prime, fall upon, logo, let out, chance on, come upon, identify, paramount, winder, island, backbone, flag, reef, overriding, hover, hammer, see, detect, designation, beacon, bow, cay, wink, secernate, damper, key fruit, fret, blurb, B, nominate, differentiate, greatest, distinguish, advert, artwork, bass, pivotal, find, appoint, sign, cite, chief, acknowledgments, delete key, symbol, bellows, operative, appendix, hit list, break, discern, underlying, give away, secret, chronicle, afterword, concern, trace, disclose, mark, logotype, caps lock, hear, ctrl, spot, paint, banner, do, master, latchkey, click, discover, samara, kilo, A, drag, arrow key, focal, hot list, keystone, recognize, vital, chance upon, drag-and-drop, input, primeval, means, mention, diagnose, leading, pass key, aboriginal, core, primal, gesticulation, light upon, chord, brand, key out, crest, character set, refer, signalize, catgut, pigment, essence, nuclear, route, happen upon, rouge, get word, badge.

inconsiderable, negligible, last, collateral, least, trifling, insignificant, atonalism, subordinate, subsidiary, trivial, inferior, slight, inconsequential, unimportant, minor, secondary, atonality.

Examples of usage:

1) For half an hour Tortilla Key was visible in the bay. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Within five minutes Marjorie's hat had been put away, and she had received a locker key. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) It was a mistake of his wife to allow Peter Junior a night key. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.