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Spell check of jigsaw

Correct spelling: jigsaw

gouge, knife, chisel, claw hammer, issue, radial arm saw, tool, lug wrench, saber saw, square, charades, pliers, table saw, band saw, quizmaster, hatchet, ripsaw, lathe, jackknife, miter box, keyhole saw, saw, forge, drill, clue, tire iron, difficulty, sledgehammer, air pump, fretsaw, screwdriver, arc welder, machete, backhoe, quiz, welder, plane, spanner, planer, bow saw, punch, hardship, posthole auger, wrecking bar, scythe, hedge trimmer, monkey wrench, gauge, mallet, shears, scissors, crosscut saw, nuisance, calipers, gas turbine, baggage, crowbar, axe, stapler, trowel, chain saw, buzz saw, jointer, pick, problem, awl, cold chisel, disturbance, hammer, jackhammer, file, drill press, spade, bench drill, flame thrower, grapnel, brain teaser, burden, pickax, ball-peen hammer, spoke shave, puzzle, pipe wrench, grindstone, wedge, concrete mixer, scroll saw, coping saw, emery wheel, snips, auger, back saw, crossword, vise, wrench, noughts and crosses, shovel, handsaw, sickle, tin snips, level, hangman, hacksaw, cement mixer, circular saw, trouble, reciprocating saw, edger.

Examples of usage:

1) It's a little out of date so far as the lines go,- slate roof, jigsaw work on the dormers, and a cupola,- but it's more or less of a plute shack, after all. - "On With Torchy", Sewell Ford.

2) Traglio was running a lot of games, jigsaw puzzles and things of that kind. - "Dawson Black: Retail Merchant", Harold Whitehead.

3) The question of women's labour will not be grave at first because there will be work for all and more than all, but the jigsaw puzzle which industry will have to put together will try the nerves and temper of the whole community. - "Another Sheaf", John Galsworthy.