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Spell check of jigger

Correct spelling: jigger

teacup, doohickey, machine, bucketful, harvest mite, ant, goblet, bloodsucker, coffee cup, aphid, dessertspoon, dram, brewer, thing, chigoe, slug, tot, black widow, chigoe flea, pony, draft, chalice, box, stein, snort, bee, concern, drop, mug, basket, jiggermast, beaker, bedbug, redbug, gizmo, head, boxful, gadget, mash, boll weevil, contrivance, cartload, shot glass, armful, wineglass, bluebottle, blowfly, pour out, tumbler, bucket, nip, boatload, demitasse, beetle, brewery, big, gimmick, chigger, brew, bag, doodad, microbrewery, tankard, bowl, trot, sip, magnum, crib, shot, widget, glass, freshen, contraption, cup, appliance, ingestion.

Examples of usage:

1) After impudence comes the determination to surprise: you shall not be gradually moved to the depths, you shall be given such a start as makes you jigger all over. - "Since C├ęzanne", Clive Bell.

2) " Crash the cull- down with him- down with him, before he dubs the jigger. - "Pelham, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton Last Updated: March 16, 2009.

3) For fights are few, and, in this thick bush country, frequently degenerate into blind firing into a blinder bush; but the " jigger" flea is with the soldier always. - "Sketches of the East Africa Campaign", Robert Valentine Dolbey.