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Spell check of iron

Correct spelling: iron

nitrogen, aluminum, neptunium, free, bogey, incompliant, arsenic, cruel, canes, roll, scandium, brassbound, chlorine, forceful, put right, straighten out, fermium, plutonium, berkelium, beryllium, selenium, gas chambers, noose, purposeful, tumble dryer, uncompliant, strontium, sodium, bogie, able-bodied, hobble, bronze, astatine, polonium, push, sulfur, europium, tungsten, caulk, dry cleaner's, zirconium, rope, cesium, cowhides, tantalum, iodine, driven, gallium, lights out, solid, rhodium, fetter, brownstone, axes, electric chair, captivity, cobalt, Fe, contract, rawhides, inflexible, firm, handcuff, xenon, hang out, stake, rhenium, rack, press, samarium, ironclad, germanium, grim, chain, flat iron, ytterbium, insensible, constrict, unbendable, press out, scaffold, resist, niobium, protactinium, curd, whipping posts, cement, neodymium, maidens, smoothing iron, adamant, birch rod, rawhide, dedicated, agitate, americium, finish, caffeine, curium, lanthanum, stringent, lead, unrelenting, hard, backswing, scaffolds, shackle, truncheon, jail, calcium, carbon, tin, compound, stern, cane, ruthenium, unforgiving, helium, gold, bid, sedulous, oxygen, antimony, gallows, hardline, thulium, dry-clean, golden, obdurate, strapping, fetters, maiden, brick, chromium, whip, vigorous, captivities, birch rods, whips, hafnium, uranium, strap, boarding, nooses, molybdenum, palladium, tough, torture chamber, promethium, truncheons, implacable, cadmium, californium, colouring, rubidium, prison, restraint, butterfat, nobelium, albumin, lithium, strong, ascorbic acid, iron out, hunger strike, solitary confinements, jails, argon, competitive, vital, bismuth, stubborn, birdie, rod, nickel, neon, campaign, lusty, magnesium, uncompromising, silver, erbium, einsteinium, lutetium, motivated, drip-dry, indomitable, holmium, torture chambers, whipping post, bull whips, mangle, element, hearty, praseodymium, gyve, electric chairs, severe, inexorable, guillotine, irons, asbestos, ferrous, adjure, barium, guillotines, unyielding, mendelevium, aggregate, stakes, dense, lash, indium, leg irons, lashes, insistent, gibbets, drier, thallium, come out, bull whip, washer-dryer, unbending, sturdy, titanium, ax, conjure, dysprosium, fluorine, red-blooded, hang up, air, chains, switches, austere, stocks, osmium, compress, pillories, crusade, boil, ace, iridium, potassium, bitumen, determined, come off, prisons, compact, exhort, thongs, smooth out, atomic number 26, krypton, flatten, hydrogen, vanadium, smooth, robust, actinium, squeeze, thumbscrews, intransigent, terbium, leaden, tellurium, remorseless, weightlift, relentless, solitary confinement, urge, heavy, adobe, fight, straps, caddy, weight-lift, die-hard, ropes, thorium, persistent, rods, pillory, platinum, beseech, yttrium, francium, steam iron, authoritarian, carbohydrate, zinc, block, washer, branding iron, technetium, mercury, conjugal visit, radium, thong, gas chamber, boron, adamantine, manacle, strict, manganese, additive, stout, machine, coloring, leaded, switch, cowhide, bunker, board, cast-iron, gadolinium, racks, dryer, ambitious, blocks, cerium, entreat, copper, rigid, aspartame, weigh, bromine, phosphorus, radon, silicon, dhobi, brazen, steam, thumbscrew, gibbet, urge on.

fragile, characterless, feeble, spineless, insecure, listless, wishy-washy, diffident, wimpy, weakened, weak, frail, effete, uncertain, weak-kneed, limp, spiritless.

Examples of usage:

1) Aye, that's what I'd do, shure as gun's iron! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) If you have repent, and have the Christ in your heart, so are you high- lifted above the sin, and if they take you- if they put the iron on your hands- Ah, I know, it is there you go to give yourself up,- if they keep you forever in the prison, still forever are you free. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) One is from the earth, another from the iron in the ship, etc. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.