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Spell check of invalidate

Correct spelling: invalidate

reduce, quash, eliminate, dismiss, reject, rescind, obliterate, withdraw, debase, ward off, empty, roll back, neutralise, demoralize, refute, keep down, cancel, renounce, profane, demoralise, annul, subvert, deflower, deprave, disclaim, evacuate, hamstring, rebut, tamper, rejoin, lame, challenge, subdue, botch, divorce, call off, continue, hinder, corrupt, debar, offset, lift, hamper, debauch, scrub, keep off, abnegate, disaffirm, spoil, mar, destroy, deflect, set aside, hobble, cripple, nullify, check, repudiate, weaken, disprove, undermine, stave off, negate, subjugate, confute, dissolve, benumb, fend off, pervert, disable, undo, impair, scotch, conflict, deaden, sap, misdirect, handicap, screw up, deny, repress, revoke, disavow, eradicate, countermand, abrogate, delete, abolish, repeal, abate, obviate, void, incapacitate, stun, cramp, anesthetize, efface, avoid, scratch, contradict, disannul, extinguish, prostrate, annihilate, avert, vacate, reverse, vitiate, dispute, set off, enfeeble, retract, neutralize, forefend, disarm, paralyze, dull, head off, counterbalance, veto, stupefy, invert, strike down, overturn, null, forfend.

enact, endorse, legalize, authorize, order, institute, decree, validate, pass, approve, mandate, establish, warrant, formalize, legitimize, formalise, found, ratify, command, legitimate, sanction, lay down, permit, allow, prescribe, legislate, clear.

Examples of usage:

1) Yet even while we admit all this to the fullest extent, it does not invalidate the claim of Saturn to be one of the most supremely beautiful and interesting objects in the heavens. - "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.

2) I believe, however, it was to the effect that the pope willingly remained self- prisoned in the Vatican because, if he came out, he might not only invalidate a future claim upon the sovereign dignity which the Italian occupation had invaded, but he might incur risks from the more unfriendly extremists which would at least be very offensive. - "Roman Holidays and Others", W. D. Howells.

3) The judges had only one chance of escape from their predicament, namely, to induce the duke to invalidate his evidence: this he firmly refused to do, and when Hulin warned him of the danger of his position, he replied that he knew it, and wished to have an interview with the First Consul. - "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)", John Holland Rose.