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Spell check of imbue

Correct spelling: imbue

hook, get through, immerse, sink in, inundate, indoctrinate, deluge, full, tutor, permeate, teach, guide, dawn, hue, drench, riddle, come home, rinse, spread, shower, pervade, enlighten, pass around, overcharge, circularize, fill, school, engulf, impregnate, disperse, swamp, flood, douse, inculcate, hit it up, pluck, fleece, disseminate, distribute, spread out, tinge, screen, broadcast, surcharge, sluice, glut, interpenetrate, saturate, instruct, penetrate, sop, seethe, slosh, submerge, fathom, click, edify, filter, bottom, coach, instill, percolate, suffuse, drown, intoxicate, circulate, fall into place, educate, soak, transfuse, lecture, circularise, propagate, gazump, freight, diffuse, infuse, inebriate, dowse, get across, perforate, fan out, infiltrate, pawn, souse, train, hock, plume, charge, drill, rob.

Examples of usage:

1) The warm air, redolent of spices and flowers, the riotous profusion of richest foliage, and the depth of colour in sea and sky, imbue Ternate with the glow and glamour of fairyland. - "Through the Malay Archipelago", Emily Richings.

2) He felt that in a very little while he could imbue Jan with his own views as to the limitations and delicate demarcations of such a marriage as he contemplated. - "Jan and Her Job", L. Allen Harker.

3) On the other side the moon, Half- melted into thin blue air, stood still And pale and fibrous as a wither'd leaf, Nor yet endured in presence of his eyes To imbue his lustre; most unloverlike; Since in his absence full of light and joy And giving light to others. - "The Suppressed Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson", Alfred Lord Tennyson.