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Spell check of imbibe

Correct spelling: imbibe

exhaust, swig, pull on, belt, breastfeed, string, cast, draw and quarter, drink up, take up, see, engross, have, booze, scoop out, cod, adopt, pledge, give, quaff, tope, truckle, sidle up, trace, sup, go down on, consume, swallow up, engage, resume, delineate, nurse, describe, pass, absorb, give suck, hook on, draw off, force, kotow, fool, watch, lush, engulf, suckle, borrow, drink, digest, lift out, attract, slang, kowtow, befool, invite, gather in, fellate, tank up, puff, reap, thread, sorb, realise, suck up, sip, ingest, drink in, line, play up, seize on, catch, fawn, clear, put one across, strike, guide, run, scoop up, draw in, gain, take in, blow, drag, mouth, disembowel, take out, collect, latch on, eviscerate, view, wet-nurse, scoop, wassail, take, take over, depict, guzzle, toast, assume, tipple, overhear, put one over, realize, steep, suck in, start, receive, tie, assimilate, immerse, make, sop up, bring in, fasten on, soak up, draw, soak, bootlick, get out, salute, pull, cotton up, occupy, toady, toss down, put on, plunge, cozy up, dupe, earn, pull in, accept, fuddle, gull, pull out, pull back, nip, shine up, get, quarter, Drugs, withdraw.

dissipate, give up, eject, disperse, exude, cast out, emit, disgorge, send out, vomit, radiate, put forth, distract, throw off.

Examples of usage:

1) If a Piece of mere Leather, by frequent Contact with Silver, acquires a certain Portion of the pure and bright Metal; sure, the Children of a gifted Parent must, by the Collision of their Minds, insensibly, as 'twere, imbibe somewhat of his finer Parts. - "Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary", Anne Manning.

2) The worst of a rough sea is, that when one is feeling sick, and air is most needed, one is obliged to shut the portholes, and only imbibe that which comes from the saloon- a mixture of fumes by no means invigorating. - "A Girl's Ride in Iceland", Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie.

3) As we steamed on, our voyage became somewhat monotonous, and we longed for the time to pass when we should reach the first trading port in Iceland, hoping there to imbibe new food for thought and comment. - "A Girl's Ride in Iceland", Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie.