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Spell check of ill

Correct spelling: ill

poor, menacing, seasick, untoward, diabetic, sneezy, feverous, fragile, ailment, hallucinating, grisly, ill luck, tired of, sickened, pestilent, chastisement, ghastly, baneful, cursed, burden, stricken, off, substandard, unkind, unhealthy, poisonous, upset, sabotage, dissatisfactory, nuisance, ominous, dizzy, wanting, complaint, misadventure, evil, gravely, ailing, dangerous, hostile, prejudicial, demolition, indisposed, infectious, bilious, feverish, demented, grim, tubercular, risky, noxious, pallid, plague, wack, pernicious, green, naughtily, nocuous, portentous, poorly, trouble, liverish, crazy, livery, badly, decrepit, luck, visitation, macabre, distress, sickish, swooning, gruesome, unsafe, bereavement, convalescent, AK, bush-league, forbidding, dire, infirm, infection, unfortunate, sickly, unhinged, qualmish, infected, light, paltry, adversity, sinister, nauseous, baggage, ruin, perilous, doom, inferior, unfavorable, tuberculous, wrong, reverse, baleful, menstruating, inauspicious, severely, mad, mishap, diseased, hurt, spastic, peaky, mischance, delirious, laid low, under the weather, terrible, Alas., calamitous, wan, scourge, down, bedridden, gouty, wretched, faint, bush, misery, difficulty, contagion, tribulation, mischievous, punk, bedfast, squeamish, damaging, sorrow, disturbance, curse, queasy, unsound, disgraceful, funny, deficient, minatory, bronchitic, misfortune, bedrid, unwell, unhealed, dyspeptic, problem, cancer, AL, B.C., disadvantageously, disturb, chastening, light-headed, disaster, harm, poison, hardship, aguish, lightheaded, doomy, mischievously, unpropitious, sick of, subpar, devastation, adverse, unsatisfactory, bane, AR, threatening, seriously, airsick, recovering, peaked, contagious, Ala., afflicted, health, handicapped, injurious, destruction, issue, AZ, charge, unacceptable, nauseated, suboptimal, detrimental, worse, pitiful, run-down, consumptive, unfit, sour, foreboding, affected, disastrous, sick, hazardous, affliction, carsick, Ark., queerish, inflicted, scrofulous, disappointment, lame, Ariz., ruinous, cancerous, laid up, embarrassing, CA, vertiginous, bad, calamity, unbalanced, damage, disturbed, trial, failing, giddy, blow, brainsick, ill-boding, lousy, help, direful, fed up, wicked, pale, minacious, hurtful, sick-abed, havoc, frail, disgusted, failure, decay, deleterious, low-grade, disabled, second-rate, woozy, crummy, harmful.

gratifying, benign, comfort, terrific, chipper, nontoxic, par excellence, propitious, hale, prime, A1, convalescing, better, prosperous, conditioned, healthy, boon, safe, adequate, fabulous, innocuous, sensational, jim-dandy, remedial, happiness, promising, nifty, beneficial, bright, curative, so-so, satisfying, benignant, gratification, neat, superb, respectable, hardy, heartening, lusty, marvelous, superior, rugged, fit, noncorrosive, good, cured, triumph, rehabilitated, first-rate, superlative, healthful, choice, wholesome, blessing, whole, pleasure, joy, noninfectious, nondestructive, tough, salutary, robust, bang-up, special, golden, symptomless, great, perfect, top, passable, average, relief, encouraging, well-conditioned, crackerjack, strong, inoffensive, hurtless, classic, well, suitable, tolerable, boss, hopeful, healed, recuperating, mending, palliative, fair, noble, dandy, capital, nonfatal, flush, recovered, satisfactory, minimal, middling, settled, tip-top, high-grade, first-class, bouncing, stellar, secure, unthreatening, recovering, keen, slick, nonvenomous, auspicious, all right, exceptional, mean, asymptomatic, swell, success, top-notch, classical, harmless, sufficient, splendid, grand, amicable, fancy, blooming, decent, worthy, anodyne, salubrious, borderline, wonderful, banner, nonlethal, divine, groovy, advantageous, good fortune, unexceptional, standard, thriving, unsurpassed, prosperity, fine, nonpoisonous, innocent, consolation, excellent, acceptable, able-bodied, heavenly, favorable, sound, flourishing, useful, good luck, supernal, sterling, stalwart, nonpolluting, mediocre, OK, hearty, helpful, premium, improved.

Examples of usage:

1) That he would ill- use Mart he felt certain. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I'm ill, Jane, because Bayworth Kaye is dead. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) We are but slightly acquainted, it is true, but I should be surprised to learn that there was any ill- feeling between us. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.