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Spell check of HIT

Correct spelling: HIT

lulu, finish up, favourite, club, pop, ground out, wrap up, realise, trip, match, move out, strickle, mutilate, addiction, bust, hot spot, shoot down, photograph, get in, grade, smash, wee-wee, smashed, belt, assume, happen upon, blast, wallop, run over, chance on, dish, energize, drama, knocked, flick, comedown, comedy, knock against, butchery, banged, smash into, scratch, get to, hammer blow, swat, fritter, collide, take effect, reach out, baulk, fall upon, chalk up, throw, pretend, black comedy, stun, appear, clean, slug, finish off, take in, eruption, pass on, derive, summate, winner, gain, progress to, arrive at, judge, affect, realize, counter, harm, cuffed, loose on, pounded, boxed, looker, withdraw, trip up, hit on, adaptation, polish off, access time, frivol away, pee-pee, slay, germinate, arrive, clout, clap, whop, tot up, wee, hand, get hold of, pull in, hold, advance, ABEND, rush, slammed, take out, run across, nock, pelt, pass, pullulate, tear, shoot, come up with, backhand, jar against, blitz, cost, name, acquire, chance upon, culpable homicide, take a leak, the Blitz, make headway, appraise, walk out, lay low, produce, balk, striking, concern, swatted, nominate, mugged, tapped, batter, thrashed, binged, win, blow, prepare, overshadow, come across, dissipate, damage, beauty, cook, buck, cock-and-bull story, relate, get rid of, make water, strike, access number, crank, chip, sweetheart, background processing, cause, hurt, construct, draw in, pat, alpha test, slip up, scrape, spud, interact, dart, gain ground, detective, get through, complete, sum up, connect, put, thrill, bump off, spend a penny, bombing, peach, worst, rapped, score, function, charge, dispatch, off, smacked, spoil, chop, A-D conversion, boot, add together, catch, bumble, bring in, slugged, infer, piddle, refer, dribble, come, cold turkey, bump into, slog, delivery, kick around, collide with, transfer, beaten, cover, slap, make believe, discharge, take up, undergo, ravisher, fulfill, bring out, coin, dab, fool, bash, meet, poked, fratricide, actuate, forgiveness, extend to, have, push, add, puddle, Bluetooth, wham, relieve oneself, hook, run into, fit, establish, overtake, cudgeled, gather, smasher, account name, crack den, mantrap, come on, contract, bludgeon, seduce, fall, bombardment, see, ram, incur, go, blind certificate, conceive, thwacked, classic, reach, jibe, come in, clip, ball, punch, carol, achieve, hammer, call, constitute, calypso, impinging, assassination, work, build, smash-up, get on, mark, blitzkrieg, bob, triple, chop down, Boolean, strive, clouted, fritter away, clear up, bump, hitting, thwack, knockout, lay down, whip, flush, inject, paste, benefit, eat up, create, ca-ca, thrash, make, flail, dependence, punched, falter, stool, anthem, fashion statement, work stoppage, anonymous FTP, fringe, crackhouse, come to, endure, slapped, kicked, snap, nail, slam, cancel out, enter, contact, basted, deny, ten-strike, authentication, spanked, collision, add up, crash, genocide, move, pasted, revive, operate, bookmark, take away, come off, come under, discover, suffer, stunner, overhead, aria, fascination, draw, land, allegory, fix, knocked out, beat up, euthanasia, pull ahead, foul, retaliate, jab, bop, despatch, attain, turn over, knock, pass water, stimulate, offset, bourgeon, bang, stumble, rack up, surprise, dash, conceptualize, remove, elimination, pip, pummeled, touch on, artificial intelligence, take a crap, foul play, clear, blank, flash, single, activate, strike down, thumped, alma mater, tap, finish, cudgel, kick, occur, expunge, bat around, epic, mint, chanty, rocked, check, smack, reciprocate, fool away, impinge on, mangle, taint, barrage, fashion, micturate, get ahead, agree, earn, tally, thump, neutralize, double, correspond, smitten, induce, magnet, sock, butt against, send off, form, authoring, boom, whacked, happen, strain, excise, total, popularity, blogosphere, tote up, come upon, respond, smite, sprout, pertain, take, knock out, corner, run, jostle, bonk, block, ready, buffet, punish, mug, tot, bobble, bear on, bunt, struck, strike back, eject, mop up, chorale, measure, impress, light upon, bam, air raid, touch, biff, air strike, resuscitate, fly, beat, whack, encounter, give, rap, bat, accomplish, make up, abuse, sum, anecdote, coax, film, absent, retort, cuff, do, engage, batch, scoot, gibe, control, shape, conk, burgeon forth, Christmas carol, ballad, address, go through, put on, shine, AI, scud, get, profit, take a shit, cross, plastered, dive, impact, attack.


Examples of usage:

1) But Leo was not hit. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) We think there's been a fight and some one's been hit with this. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I tell you frankly, I wish we could hit upon some means of stopping Magennis. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.