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Spell check of Granting

Correct spelling: Granting

imparting, selling, disbursing, authorization, concurrence, rewarding, lending, green light, tipping, citing, extending, assisting, license, deploying, giving, remunerating, awarding, leave, approaching, attempting, pledging, expending, rationing, contributing, offering, bequeathing, consigning, dispensing, feeding, submitting, rendering, sanction, clearance, handing over, allowance, bestowing, advancing, presenting, changing hands, allowing, devoting, donating, sending, delivering, serving, inviting, warrant, doling, assigning, boarding, consent, luring, allotting, attributing, biding, replenishing, reinforcing, enticing, sweetening, funding, inducing, exchanging, tempting, quoting, dealing, showering, clothing, honoring, transferring, supplying, sharing, catering, issuing, furnishing, treating, endowing, helping, lavishing, paying, ascribing, tendering, sufferance, compensating, reloading, providing.

embargo, ban, discouragement, proscription, injunction, prohibition, veto, denial, taboo, suppression, repression, exclusion, deterrence, rejection, revocation, interdiction, refusal.

Examples of usage:

1) Granting three score and ten as the limit, there should be not less than fifty such days. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) The income from the factory and Helen's allowance would keep us comfortable, even granting considerable addition to our living expenses. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) There seems to have been no intention of granting Henrietta's request, and the kind letters which the Pope wrote to her and to Father Philip, saying how pleased he was to hear of their piety and virtue, were more lavish of compliments than of promises. - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.