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Spell check of grabby

Correct spelling: grabby

devouring, noisy, rapacious, bodacious, arresting, bold, splashy, striking, avaricious, eye-catching, emphatic, marked, dramatic, esurient, brilliant, pronounced, grasping, prehensile, mercenary, catchy, acquisitive, commanding, desire, kenspeckle, jealous, hungry, avid, showy, remarkable, coveting, prominent, give, moneygrubbing, greedy, envious, conspicuous, flamboyant, covetous.

handsome, temperate, magnanimous, generous, unsparing, toned-down, altruistic, plain, bounteous, obscure, greathearted, hidden, unaffected, munificent, insignificant, faint, content, selfless, unimportant, unassuming, unacquisitive, freehanded, quiet, subtle, understated, inconspicuous, muted, shrouded, bountiful, dim, unemphatic, openhanded, moderate, unobtrusive, openhearted, subdued, liberal, conservative, modest, simple, unpretentious, restrained, sated, unselfish, concealed, unnoticeable, unflashy, undistinguished, satisfied, unremarkable, controlled, charitable.

Examples of usage:

1) Looks like it ain't 'zactly grabby fer me ter git a holiday onct every fifty years." - "The Comings of Cousin Ann", Emma Speed Sampson.

2) I only had a few days' drilling at the fort, and that was all I ever had, but I was anxious to go on this march with my company, and Goodale, called " Grabby" by the men, had my uniform and necessary equipage issued to me and let me go with the company. - "A Soldier in the Philippines", Needom N. Freeman.

3) Taking it all around, you can't blame us for feeling a little bit hostile to the big grabby towns which reach out like tax collectors every year and take a tithe of our boy and girl crop- first choice too. - "Homeburg Memories", George Helgesen Fitch.