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Spell check of go bad

Correct spelling: go bad

croak, survive, come apart, expire, mollycoddle, dissect, lose it, locomote, move over, endure, decay, sound, bomb, break away, plunder, featherbed, extend, crumple, scotch, poop out, breach, betray, disclose, founder, collapse, flunk, start, emit, tumble, drop dead, yield, ball up, break off, get, run, intermit, expose, lead, frustrate, transgress, weaken, bollix, distribute, work, wear, decease, move, go wrong, cross, snap, divulge, neglect, break down, bumble, blend, deflower, cash in one's chips, live on, ease up, fall in, function, infract, buy the farm, foil, muck up, bungle, run low, travel, give away, pass, mess up, kick the bucket, baffle, bodge, proceed, fluff, thwart, plump, flub, flush it, let out, part, peter out, hold up, give-up the ghost, smash, break out, give off, become flat, discontinue, mishandle, coddle, run short, kick downstairs, dampen, cocker, live, choke, hold out, relegate, depart, crush, give, violate, botch up, spoil, demote, interrupt, offend, discover, fit, bump, last, conk out, fall apart, soften, break in, pamper, break up, louse up, get out, miscarry, damp, separate, mar, rifle, develop, impair, bollix up, run out, unwrap, burst, botch, pall, exit, conk, bring out, become, pass out, blend in, split, give way, itch, wear out, pop off, fracture, cave in, split up, better, pause, reveal, fumble, pass away, hand out, cosset, baby, stop, decompose, snap off, break, get around, break dance, bollocks up, foul up, run down, check, bankrupt, get going, go against, deteriorate, fail, go, go away, take apart, rot, indulge, snuff it, let on, corrupt, bust, erupt, give out, despoil, operate, crumble, perish, analyse, die out, vitiate, belong, bilk, screw up, ruin, die, recrudesce, blow, analyze, bobble.